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Long ago, in the time of Merlin, there existed a race of beings that were powerful warriors. These creatures watched over and protected homes of humans in return for sharing the humans homes. During the day, these creatures became statues, but during the night they transformed into dangerous creatures of the night with stone-like skin and monstrous features. They called themselves by many names. Humans called them Gargoyles.

Their race, like many, was filled with good and evil. Their strives for Honor and Glory were legendary. However, they were forever marked as evil when one of their kind, Greymore, led a group of gargoyles in service of an evil wizard to crush a human stronghold of King Arther himself, although the king was not at the battle. Many lives were lost, including the lives of 50 women and children.

In response, King Arther called upon Merlin to cast a mighty spell that forever punished the Gargoyles to walk the Earth as humans, and that the goodhearted Gargoyles forever be sentenced to be the protectors of humans from their evil brothers, now called the Heartless. The gargoyles, seeing the error they had made by not interfering, swore to uphold this vow for all eternity. Thus it has been since that day.

There have always been few gargoyles, as their race does not reproduce quickly. However, they are long lived, ensuring the race's survival. Some gargoyles have been known to survive up to 300 years or more before giving in to old age.

The Gargoyles and the heartless appear quite human, but if they focus their Chi, they can call upon great powers. They know humans now fear them, and keep themselves secretive, although some of the Heartless still strive to conquer and control. The Gargoyles seek them out and force them to do battle. The Gargoyles (and the Heartless) follow a pack social system, and as their code demands, the winner of such a battle will follow the wishes of the other, becoming his servant for 5 years, at which time he may challenge again for the Leadership. Only in the case of a lost battle will Gargoyles and heartless be seen working together. The Battle for Leadership must be called - just because two of these beings do battle does not imply the Leadership.


Players will be gargoyles seeking to hunt down and defeat the plans of the Heartless.

Special Benefits
Gargoyles begin play with +1 Stamina.
A Gargoyle may purchase any of the Maneuvers below, using their level of Gargoyle Background as the same level of Focus or Backgrounds required below (A character with a Gargoyle Background of 4 could purchase a Maneuver listed below that required a Focus and/or Special Background (such as elemental or animal hybrid) of 4 or below). As magical creatures, the Gargoyle's Background determines how much power is truly available to the character. If purchasing a Maneuver through use of this Background, then the character pays the highest Power point cost.

Special Weaknesses
A Gargoyle must always keep a score of Honor above his score of Glory. If he does not, he will become one of the Heartless and the player will lose the character.


Acid Breath *(sf 126) The fighter spews highly acidic liquid onto his opponent
Focus Maneuver
To Learn: Focus 3
Power Points: Any 4

Air Blast (Batting the Lost Wings)(pg 91) The fighter fires a blast of air at an opponent
Focus Maneuver
To Learn / Training Notes: : First, the practitioner must learn Air Blast punch 1, focus 2, elemental 2. He may then move on to learn Push focus 3, elemental 3, air blast
and / or...
First, the character must learn Air Blast punch 1, focus 2, elemental 2. He is then ready to move on to Vacuum focus 3, elemental 4, Air Blast
Power Points: Elemental (air) 3

Balance (pg 91) The character maintains perfect balance by using Chi energies
Focus Maneuver
To learn: Focus 4
Power Points: Ninjitsu, wu shu, tai chi chaun 2, kabaddi, kung fu, baraquah, lua, silat 3, shotokan karate, Capoeira 4

Death's Visage (Reveal Gargoyle Form)(pg 92) The fighter causes fear within an opponent
Focus Maneuver
To Learn: Focus 3
Power Points: Ninjitsu 3

Elemental Skin (Earth Only)(pg 93) The fighter can transform his body for a short time into an elemental form
Focus Maneuver
To Learn: Focus 2, elemental 4
Power Points: Elemental (all) 5

Flight (pg. 95) The practitioner can create gusts of wind that he can ride upon
Focus Maneuver
To learn: First, the character must master Flight athletics 1, focus 2, elemental (or other special) background 3, then he may move on to learn Lightness athletics 2, focus 3, elemental 3, flight
Power Points: Elemental (air) 2
System: Outside of combat this power allows the character to fly without tiring, at a speed equal to (focus + dexterity) x 10 in miles per hour. He can carry any normal amount of weight he could normally carry.
In combat, the character must stand still for a full action to activate the power. He may block, but not initiate any offensive maneuver. The following turn, the fighter is treated as airborne, and may attack and move normally, using the modifiers below in addition to any others. His move in hexes equals his Stamina. Furthermore, he is only affected by Aerial maneuvers or projectile attacks.
Modifiers: Cost: 1 Chi per turn of combat, 1 Chi per hour outside of combat, speed +1, damage: None, move = stamina

Regeneration (sf 129) The character can instantly heal himself with a moment of concentration
Focus Maneuver
To learn: Focus 3
Power Points: Kabaddi, baraquah 1, kung fu, native American wrestling, ler drit, animal hybrid, aikido, lua, silat 2, any 3
System: When using this power, a fighter stops moving for a turn to focus his Chi. The fighter may then spend points of Chi to restore lost Health levels. Each Chi point spent enables the fighter to regain one health level. In one turn, a character can restore a number of health levels equal to his focus rating.
Modifiers: Cost: See description above, speed +0, damage: None, move: None

Sakki (pg. 98) The character can sense danger specifically aimed at himself, but not others
Focus Maneuver
To Learn: Focus 5 This maneuver requires no others, but is difficult to master.
Power Points: Ninjitsu 3
System: During combat with only one visible opponent, this skill is of little value, unless the fighter is blinded somehow.
Outside the ring, Sakki has any applications. Since it is always in effect, the Storyteller must tell the player whenever there is danger that the character can sense it.
Modifiers: See above. The fighter may move (Focus+Athletics) in hexes to avoid surprise attacks.

Stunning Shout *(sf 130) The fighter can create a sound of high power, stunning opponents
Focus Maneuver
To Learn: Focus 2
Power Points: Shotokan karate, sumo, silat 2, ler drit, majestic crow kung fu, aikido, tai chi chaun 3, any 4
System: The fighter must declare one opponent as the target of a Stunning Shout (although the Storyteller could allow minor thugs to be attacked in groups). The victim of the shout must make a resisted roll between the victim's permanent Willpower Rating and the fighter's permanent Willpower rating. If the victim wins, there is no effect.
If the attacker wins, one of two things happens, depending on whether the opponent has acted in the turn. If the victim has not acted, he loses all move and remaining actions for the turn. If he has acted, each extra success the attacker won the resisted Willpower roll by subtracts one from the speed of the victim's next maneuver.
Modifiers: Cost; 1 chi, speed +2, damage: None, Move -2

Toughskin* (sf 130) The character can focus his Chi energy to become temporarily tougher
Focus Maneuver
To learn: Focus 2
Power Points: Sumo, animal hybrid, pankration 2, Thai kickboxing, boxing, ju jitsu, lua 3, Savate 4, any 4
System: The player can use the Toughskin combat card along with any other card being played. The character's Soak is increased by two for the duration of the turn.
Modifiers: Cost: 1 chi, See description above

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