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family secrets

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Family Secrets
(Harvest 23- 32)
 Traveling along the east of the kingdom, on the shore of the sea, the travelers headed toward the south, to find Malachi's father. Along the way, they managed to aquire passage aboard the House of Hamar ship The Griffon's Eye, captained by Luis Griffoneye. Onboard they met all kinds of characters, including Al'Sanar of Qua'Lier, a foreigner from the sand kingdom to the south.
 Once to Pirate's Port, the group traveled south to Diamond City, and there met Malachi's father, who was dying from the dreaded Red Sickness, which no herb or magic could cure. Malachi confronted his father with the fact that he knew something had been hidden from him, but his father refused to divulge the secret, as he had taken a vow never to do so. Soon after, he passed away.
 Malachi decided to leave Shadeer, who was with his child, in the safe hands of the queen, who agreed. This was at the suggestion of Zerek, however, and this caused friction between the two men, as Malachi reminded Zerek that it was not his place to intefere with his personal life, only to advise him in his search for the Rod. Still, Zerek seemed right in his thoughts that Shadeer would not want to stay in the city, and it took a long conversation between the mage and the Giren woman to convince her to stay.
 The adventurers traveled onward to the south, were the queen had sent them to build a small fort that would act as a base of operations to spy on the city of Portraven, which once was capitol of Arember but now was in the hands of the Shadows, horrible undead that served the Dark Queen. They found him being attacked by the Shadows, and used all of thier powers to fight them off. Gage was wounded, but would recover.
 After a long and sometimes heated argument, the brothers decided to tell each other all of thier secrets. Malachi told Gage of the Rods of Power, and the Wind Dukes true nature.
 Gage in return told Malachi the secret of his family. Long ago, when his father, Gladwin, fought with King Gilan against the Dark Queen, he was sent to the west to face the minons of darkness in the mountains. While he was away, the king and Malachi's mother had an affair, and she became with child. Gladwin retuned in time to be able to claim to be the true father, and out of loyalty to the kingdom he forgave Gilan, even fighting by his side.
 Gladwin told Gage the secret of Malachi's true family while Malachi was still very young. Gage confronted the king with this knowledge. The king took no action immediatly, but Gladwin did not wait - he swore that he would never reveal the information to anyone and that Gage would never speak of it. Gage never took such a vow.
 Gage was very hesitant to tell Malachi the story. The reputation of king Gilan was a powerful force of morale among the troops, and the kingdom's royal line had never had such a scandal. Gage did not think that Malachi would try to use the information to his advantage, but after all, he was the first born son of king Gilan, and most would claim the rightful heir to the throne. However, Malachi fought for the Queen Lenan to take the throne. If he tried to take it now, he would appear to have been saving it for himself.
 Gage had seen a cirle of power in the church of Highfather, similar to the one Malachi described from the scroll that they used to combine the Rods at Heart City. If there was such a circle at portraven, they might be able to use it to combine the three they possessed.
 They decided to travel at day, when the Shadows were hidden. They would enter Portraven, tru to use the circle within the temple, and then leave as quickly as possible...

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