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The Fall of Portraven
(Hunting 21st - Bloodmoon 5th)
To their suprise, no one seems to remember the battle with the Destroyer, except Malachi and Zerek.
Now traveling in the direction of the pull of the piece of the Rod that they do have, Malachi, Zerek and their companions arrive at the ruins of Silver Fortress, an immense fortress that is now little more than a reminder of the gret War. There, one of the Wind Dukes appeared to Zerek and inform him that he made everyone forget, to make sure that another Mage War did not happen.
Also, the Wind Duke gave zerek a clue that led him to find the body of Qunan, an ancient mage that had fallen in the Battle of Silver Fortress. Zerel retreived the mages book, a robe, and even the mages bones once he was properly burned.
From there, the companions traveled to Portraven, where they met Bloodrunner, a dragonman, and Chief Skulleater, a powerful orc, both ambassadors for the Dark Queen, and their diplomats. They met in front of King Gilan and Queen Lenan, and their son Nethanial and Princess Lenan, the youngest member of the royal family who carried her mother's name.
The king wanted to hear first-hand of the attack on Heart City, and listened with great interest as Malachi told his story. Bloodrunner denied the charges.
In the meantime, Zerek was struck with a strange feeling of fatigue, and left the room. Once by himself, an image of a shadowy woman appeared to him (possibly the dark queen?) and asked him to lie about what Malachi had seen. She claimed that if the king was sure that the treaty had been broken, he would declare war and there would be much pain and suffering throughout the kingdom.
Zerek refused, and told the king that he too had seen the shadowriders, minions of the Dark Queen, commanding the forces at Heart City. The king, seeing the truth, declared war just as the shadowy figure had forseen.
As promised, the Dark Queen's forces invaded Portraven within minutes, sailing in on black ships as the sun set. The ships and the men aboard were made of shadows, and normal weaponry was useless against them. They soon killed even the clerics and the mages, and headed for the castle.
Although Malachi tried to reach the king in time, he was too late. The king, his queen, and his son had been killed. The princess was being taken by the shadows, but Malachi was able to stop the shadow, swinging from the the castle on a tapestry and striking it with the Commander, which seemed to destroy the creatures with a single blow.
During the battle Michael was seriously wounded, shot in the chest with a arrow made of shadow.
The princess showed the heroes an escape route, and soon they boarded her escape boat from the city. Outside the city, malachi began to give the priness her father's belongings, when he realised that the king's scepter was glowing brightly. Breaking it, he found a piece of the Rod of Seven parts inside! Obviosly, the king had known of the Rods and had one peice he was to use as the final piece once he had the rod in his possession.
They sailed for two days through the waters, and then decided it best to split up. Keeping Michael and the priness aboard the tiny ship, Malachi made his way more quickly to Diamond city, where he promised to meet again with his friends. During that time he used the rod again and again to try to fight death away from his wounded friend, but without more peices there seemed little it could do. Sadly, Michael died soon after reaching the city.
The following day, a rushed coronation was started to legaly make princess Lenan the Queen of Arember. However, Sir Fallen, who had survived the attack on Portraven, challenged the coronation, and declared that he should run the kingdom from the throne and would never follow the orders of a woman. He claimed that this was his right as the highest knight of the kingdom and due to the fact that the prinecess could not bear children and the blooline of men was gone from the Gilan liniage. The princess admitted that the clerics had informed her that she could not be made pregnant by any man.
Malachi took the side of the princess, even though Fallen asked him to join his forces. He claimed that if he must he would take the kingdom by force, for it's own good. With that, he rode to the north toward Piraye's Port to gather more men and supplies. Many men (over half) left with Fallen and support his claim to the throne.

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