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The Philippine Islands have been invaded dozens of times in their long history. Like many other opressed peoples, the island's inhabitants developed their own combat system.
This style's main focuses are the stick and the balisong knife. The knife is used to disarm the opponent if he is armed. The art also teaches grabs to take down an opponent.

Since the practitioners of Escirma take knife fighting as their main goal, and physical fighting secondary, it has yet to develop any of it's own special maneuvers, except, of course, those of the Balisong Knife (the Knife Special Maneuvers). Therefore, the practitioners of Escirma may only learn Maneuvers with an "any" Power Point score, and at the price listed for "any".

Special Ability: The Escirma practitioner makes Disarm Attacks with a Difficulty of 4 when he has a Balisong Knife. If he has a Balisong Knife in his possession, he may spend 1 Willpower point at any time he is in an adjacent hex from an opponent to make a Disarm Attack without taking up any of his normal actions (a free action!). Although he can only make one such Disarm per turn against an opponent, he may make such a Disarm Attack against any number of Opponents per round, as long as they are adjacent to him when he spends the Willpower Point. An Escirma practitioner must have at least a 2 Knife Technique to use this special ability.
Initial Chi: 2
Initial Willpower: 5
Initial Weapons: Stick (Staff), Balisong Knife (Knife)
Note: If the new Weapon Maneuvers are being used, and they should be if this Style is to be played, a practitioner will make every effort to learn the Knife Maneuvers along with his Style Maneuvers. Many also learn some of the Staff Fighting Maneuvers.

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