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"Just get outta my way and let me handle this"
GURPS 3rd edition character
672 character points

Super-Strength: Pick up a tank: (13 tons, strength 110, TH 12d/SW 14d, cost: 215)
Intelligence: 10, Dexterity: 14, Health: 11 [55 points]
Spd: 6.25; Move 6; Dodge: 9*; Hit Pts 11/61; Fatigue 11; Lift 350

Advantages [71]
Good Reputation (+1) [5], Legal Enforcement Powers (5 pts., same powers as a modern day policeman), Very Handsome (+2 reaction, +4 to opposite sex) [25], Cool (1 point, +1 to fright checks), Strong Will (+4) [20], High Pain Threshold (10), Fit (5, recover Fatigue double rate*)

Disadvantages [-42]
Sense of Duty (all humanity ‐15), Code of Honor (fight honorably) [10], Cannot Harm Innocents (‐10), Serious (Quirk), Stubbornness (‐5), Arrogant (Quirk)

Acrobatics (DX-1), Climbing (DX), Jumping (DX+1), Wrestling (DX) Running (DX-1), Swimming (DX+1)

Martial Artist
Judo: Throws (DX-1), Karate: Punching & Kicking (DX-1, add 1/5 of final score to damage), Katana (DX), Fast-Draw* (DX+1)

Space Opera Starfighter
Area Knowledge (Galaxy) (IQ-1), Beam Weapons (DX+1, add +1 for IQ 10-11, add +2 for IQ 12+), Gunner (Starship Blasters) (DX), Gunner (Starship Torpedoes) (DX), Hyperspace Physics (IQ-2), Language (Specific Alien Race), Piloting (Starfighter) (DX),

Guns* (DX+1, add +1 for IQ 10-11, add +2 for IQ 12+)

Super Powers
Damage Resistance 45, 50 Extra Hit Points (385 points)
Flight with 1 level of Super Flight (x4 movement when flying) [60]
Laser, Level 10 (10d6); Skill DX+1 (15) [12]

Vork Tamal was born on a planet called Kalda, in a galaxy far from our own. It’s destruction imminent, his foster parents built a device that would send him on a beam of light to our world, where you can lead a normal life. The people of Kalda were much like our own humanoid race, with the exception of their purple skin. One thing that was not expected however, was that as Vork passed through a highly radioactive nebula, the effects on his body as a beam of light policy shift that gave him incredible powers once he reformed on our world as a child. He was stronger and tougher than any human could be. He found also that he could fly, and that he could direct energy from his body in a powerful beam. He was more than a human. He was a Super.
Appearing a small town, Vork was raised as John Winston, being taken in by a local coffee shop owner named Barbara Winston. Barbara claimed that the boy was hers, and that the father, a super, had disappeared.
“John” followed his mother’s instructions and kept his powers private as he grew up, but saw the other children and how they treated one another, and him, the bullies that taunted him and the teachers that were only interested in the rich people in town. He didn’t forget this, although he still grew up to be a good person. He decided to use his powers to protect the weak, and joined in any other supers across the world and fighting evil.
Calling himself Epitome, John is a powerful force for good, but is arrogant, and headstrong. It is a careful balance he leads, helping others but at the same time knowing others see those as different as something to be feared. He dislikes the rich and socially powerful but only rants against them in private. The world sees him as a paragon, but other supers see him as on the edge and even as dangerous.

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