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ends justify means

Role-Playing Games > Dark Kingdoms > Adventures 3

The End Justifies the Means
(Bloodmoon 20th - Bloodmoon 27th)
The heroes reach Trader's Heaven to find it in ruin. The Rods pull in two directions: Riverwood and Heart City. The heroes go to Riverwood.
The heroes find horses. They spy on Riverwood to find that it has also fallen to the dark Queen. There they see a giant who holds a piece of the Rod. The Rods glow when near this new piece of the Rod. through magic, they cause the giant to try to deliver the Rod himself.
The company goes north to find boats to beat the giant west. They meet a druid who might help them, and Zerek has a disturbing encounter with a mind flayer.
Riding the boats to the west, the group spies on Gorgon Hill to find that this third city has also been taken by the dark Queen. They destroy a drake carring a piece of the Rod, but realize too late that the Rod that it had was a fake and that they had revealed themselves to the Queen's forces.
The group escapes to the south, only to be captured by the Swamp King, who leads a band of rouges in the swamps there. However, he almost worships Malachi due to his growing reputation, and offers whatever help he can give.
Malachi and Zerek worry about the giant who still has the real piece of the Rod, and who is on his way to deliver it to the Queen.

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