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elves and ettins

Role-Playing Games > Dark Kingdoms > Adventures 4

Elves and Ettins
(Coldwind 2 - Coldwind 7)
 Following the pull of the Rod as they have for so long, the adventurers continued their search northwest, toward the Heart Mountains, home of the dragon Darkskies. In the Diamond Mountains, the group faced a large number of orcs, which they dispatched with some ease.
 Meeting with the elves south of the Heart Mountains (and Kerrick's friend Gethyere), the heroe's learned that Ettins, large two-headed giants, had been spotted toward the north. They decided to follow that lead.
 The pursuit led to a cave to the north, where the group spotted the burial site of a long dead king who, it appeared, had once had six parts of the rod, perhaps seven, but was tricked by Gra'non the devil into saying the word that shatters the Rod once again. There they encountered glass golems, powerful creatures that were incredibly powerful, and almost killed Zerek the mage, if it were not for the efforts of his friends. Malachi was badly injured as well.
 After the battle, the men and women of this brave group searched the remains of the gravesite. There was no body, but the king did have a place made for the Rod that revealed six of the seven command words they had searched for! Using that information, Malachi placed two of the Rods together, as he had before.
 Now the adventurers still followed the pull of the Rod, which led down a hole in the wall, large enough for a man to enter, they found in the ruins of the grave...
Part 2
 The Rod led the adventurers to a dead body, but alas, the body was only that of a dead man, long ago killed by the Glass Golems. The Rod pulled still north.
 Following that pull, the adventuers came to the Ettin lair, where they encountered The Dark Naga and her Ettins in a cave where they had set a trap. the Dark Naga had used her magics to set magical bars on either end of a section of the cave. then, she had her ettins use pikes to stab the heroes while they were trapped inside like animals. Larsania was almost killed, and many of the group were severely wounded.
 Barely defeating the attackers using bows, magic, and the occasional swordplay at the front of the "bars", the heroes sent the ettins and the dark naga on the run. They were able to catch the ettins, but the Dark Naga escaped, with the peice of the Rod that they knew she had obtained somehow. Feeling defeated, Malachi ordered that the group return to Midtown, as the Rod no longer pulled in any direction.

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