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 Mostly hidden withing the Heart Mountains, the dwarves are a once-proud race that has fallen due to the appearance of the dragon Darkskies.
-700 AG (900 years ago)
The Kingdom of Arember
 It was around this time that humans began to learn magic, although elves and dwarves had known some of it's secrets for many thousands of years.
  Although the dwarves did not have mages as the world of Arember knows them in it's modern times, they have known how to craft magical items for centuries. Most of the information on how to create the most powerful artifacts has been lost during the dwarves wars and moves throughout recent history, but some of the greatest magical blades and weapons, as well as armor, comes from the dwarven mountains.
65 AG (135 years ago)
Seclusion of the Elves, Darkskies, and the Dwarves
A group of elves are blamed for causing the dragon Darkskies to become enraged when they attack it. It takes it’s vengance upon the elven-friendly town of Calan, killing over 100 townspeople. Bloody battles take place within the forrest as soilders attempt to arrest the elves responsible. Darkskies moves it’s lair to the Heart Mountains, and the elves declare Elfwood to be a seperate kingdom. Humans are banned from entering the forrest.
The dwarves, who had moved their kingdom from the Darkwood Mountains to the Heart Mountains after the rise of the Dark Queen are enraged at the elves, who they blame for the appearance of Darkskies. Some of the dwarves move to the Sea Mountains, and other to the Swamp Mountains, both areas that are inhospitible to their race. Those that stay must give offerings to Darkskies.
The dwarves have been split and their home taken hostage once by the Dark Queen, and once by Darkskies. Most dwarves blame the elves for attacking Darkskies, beleiving that they did not care where the dragon went, as long as it went from the Elven Wood. According to the dwarves, the selfish motives that the elves had when they attacked (knowing they could not defeat the dragon) is proof enough that the elves do not care for anyone but themselves, and cannot be trusted.
Third Epoch
In recent years, the dwarves have been trading with Arember as much as they can without the notice of Darkskies. The king hopes that the humans will kill the Dark Queen with the weapons they supply, and the gold they gain from such trading helps to keep Darkskies from attacking his people. It is rumored that the king has been searching for a way to destroy the dragon, but he remains very quiet on the subject.
Fourth Epoch
In the Fourth Epoch the dwarves fair very well after the death of Darkskies, forming a great kingdom of wealth in the Heart Mountains. Thier new leader, Thom Goldenaxe, forges a new pact with the humans, and they trade openly from the mountains they live in. Alhough dwarven weapons are still far too expensive for the normal human to afford, the dwarves supply a steady stream of silver, gold, gems and other valuable items in trade for food and wines.

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