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Dryad, Dark Kingdoms (Point Cost: 128 pts.)

Attributes (114 points)
Strength -1 [-10]; Dexterity +4 [45]; Intelligence +3 [+30], Health +0 [0]

Advantages (100 points)
Very Beautiful [25]; Resistant to Poison [5]; Beast-Kin (note to decrease the cost of any animal spell by one difficulty category) [15]; Tree-Kin (note to decrease the cost of any plant spell by one difficulty category) [15]; Faerie Empathy [10]; Magery 2 [25]; Unaging [15], Pitiable [5]

Disadvantages (-93 points)
Bad Reputation (-2; is seen by many as a temptress that seduces young men into the wood and they never return) [-10]; Oblivious [-3]; Dependency: Must consume the fruit (seed) of her tree once per week [-60]; Dying Race [-10]; Shyness [-5], Unusual Feature (green skin) [-5], Unusual Feature (pointed ears) [-5]

Racial Skills (18 points)
Climbing (DX) +3 (+8 total specialized in trees, -1 to climb all others) [4]; Mimicry (Animal Sounds) (HT) +3 [8]; Naturalist (IQ) +3 [4]; Swimming (DX) +3 [2]

Racial Spells (30 points)
Dryads will have 30 points of spells from the animal and plant categories. They receive reduced costs for some of their spells (see Advantages).

Racial Quirks (-1 point)
Dreamer [-1]

Racial Language:
Fey (M/A)

Although not part of the racial package, a Dryad operating outside the woods would almost certainly have Social Stigma: Outsider [-15] and Confused [-10], and most likely Dead Broke [-25]. This, with 5 additional Quirks, would bring the total Dryad package to 73 points, and the player will have “maxed out” his Disadvantage limit.

More powerful Dryads continue to learn more of the Magic Paths listed here, and those with Magery 2 (which can be gained after character creation from their goddess) often learn protection spells.  

The Dryads come from the Faerie world, although they themselves are not Faeries. Instead, according to their legends, they were created by the goddess Artemis, one of the many Fey demi-gods, to watch over the forests, the link between the elven world and the faerie world. The magic to such gates is locked in the Great Trees of the forest. Due to the wars of the past, and the coming of the humans, many of these trees have been lost.
 The Dryads are all female, and although they can have children, the offspring always favors the male. Thus, the time their race has in the world is limited. This is not especially concerning to the Dryads, as it is normal to them. However, the elven songs sing that when the last Great Tree begins to die, the elves and Dryads will slip into the Faerie, never to return.
 Dryads only eat plants, and only the leaves and nuts. They must consume the fruit of the Great Tree they were born nearby once a month to survive, but can bring those fruits with them. The legend that says they cannot leave their tree is false, but they are loathe to do so.
 Where humans desire sex and material comfort, Dryads desire the peace and health of their tree and it’s glen, and the company of nature (they also enjoy the company of other dryads and peaceful sentient beings on occasion). They are solitary, but by no means loners. Each of them know the others exist, but rarely meet one another unless needed. Mostly they are complacent, and scold others that attempt to venture to far. If they take a mate, he must come into the forest and promise not to leave.
 Dryads have light green skin and long, darker green hair. However, from a distance they pass as human. Each of them is more beautiful than the fairest elf maiden.
 Dryads are fond of elves and rangers, but distrust humans as a group. They are neutral on the subject of dwarves, as they rarely come into contact with them. Hey consider all other Dryads as sisters, and will always come to one another in time of need, even leaving their tree if necessary.
 Druids have sworn to protect Dryads, and are often close friends to them.

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