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Drunken Kung Fu

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Drunken Kung Fu
Back in the days of the Shaolin Temple, a master of the martial arts found a drunken monk and was going to teach him a lesson for being in such a condition when it was time for work. Attempting to simply strike him once as punishment, he found that he was not easily able to predict the drunken monk, who was trying his best to use his Kung Fu, but was swaying and moving about in all kinds of directions. The master could not strike him. After several attempts, the master laughed and patted the monk on his back, smiling. It was the drunken monk who had taught the lesson this day. The master began work on what would become Drunken Kung Fu.
Drunken Kung Fu works basically like regular Kung Fu, except that the style focuses on dodging and escaping, using the idea that a lot of little punches and not being hit will be more effective than a good punch or two, while taking a good punch or two. Drunken Kung Fu has many followers, mostly in China, but is still rare on the Street Fighter matches.

Drunken Kung Fu works exactly as regular Kung Fu with the following exceptions:

Special Benefits: The practitioner of Drunken Kung Fu can, at any time, spend 1 Willpower point to make a roll of an opponent (or several opponents, if they are all targeting him) at a +2 Difficulty. For example, a Difficulty of 6 to damage the Drunken Kung Fu practitioner would become an 8 if he spent a Willpower point. Only one point may be used in this manner for any one roll.

Special Weaknesses: This Style basis it's entire practice on the movements of the body. Although most masters do know and teach some Focus Maneuvers, they are secondary to it's basic fighting style, even though part of it's teachings as a whole. Therefore, all Focus Maneuvers are bought at +1 Power Point cost, even those Focus Maneuvers listed for Kung Fu.
Initial Chi: 3
Initial Willpower: 4
Preferred Weapons: None (The art normally requires free hands due to the constant falling and rolling the style involves)

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