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Dr. 42

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Dr. 42
"That's an interesting scar, although quite large. I'm going to run a particle scan to detect any underlying causes for your recent fever. Cargolian Plauge is common in the areas you visited. You say you are in a relationship?"
3rd edition GURPS character
51 character points

Strength 10, Intelligence 16, Dexterity 12, Health 10 [100 points]
Thrust/Kick 1d-2 (punch 1D-4), Swing 1d; Spd: 5.5; Move 5; Dodge: 7*; Hit Pts 10; Fatigue 10; Lift: 250

Very Beautiful (+2 reaction, +4 to opposite sex) [25], Fit (5, recover Fatigue double rate*) [5]

Disadvantages [-100]
Low Status (property/slave) [-20], Sense of Duty (to all humanity) [-15], Code of Honor (place other above self; help those in need) [-15], Secret (wants to be an artist) [-5], Cannot Harm Innocents (‐10), Curious (‐5), Unusual Feature (blue skin) [-5], Dead Broke (blue skin, white hair) [-25]

Asks questions about others (life, love, experiences) but claims they are for psychiatric reasons
Has a collection of digital art; wishes to own a real painting
Creates fascinating “moving 3d art” with her holographic computer that is truly beautiful
Is matter-of fact. She is lovely and charming but can be unintentionally extremely direct
Wishes she had a family, especially a brother or sister

Skills [26 points]
Computer Expert
Computer Operation (IQ+1), Computer Programming (IQ-1)

Diagnosis (IQ-1), First Aid (IQ+1), Physician: “Doctor” (IQ-1), Poisons (IQ-1), Surgery (IQ-2, Prerequisite: Physician)

Artist IQ+4

Dr. 42 was grown in a vat 13 years ago by the Galactic Empire. She has a clone of Dr. Sheila Westheimer, who lived over 75 years ago. Her real name is Dr. 42 – 1368 – 4B, indicating her batch number, or actual clone number, and her station number.
Being a clone, she has programmed genetically to be satisfied in her station. She is, for the most part, and enjoys helping patients. She has her duty each day, and returns to her small room at night. Her room has a simple bed and a view of space that is breathtaking from her Starbase, the Titan nebula outside constantly churning, with great electrical flashes dancing within its clouds. Dr. 42 has spent many hours looking at this nebula and its beauty. It makes her partner what lies outside the Starbase, things others have seen that come to her for help. She enjoys listening to the stories of starfighters and space Pirates, and tries to weave the conversation so that those in her care will tell her the stories.
 It’s not supposed to, but she finds a fascination with the stories it has found herself using a program that she has created to create art, three-dimensional visualizations of the nebula that she knows so well, often intermixed with visions of space Pirates and interstellar wars. Sometimes she draws faces within the clouds that seem to move and talk without a voice, with flashes of electricity about their faces.
 It’s not that she wishes that she herself would engage in any of these adventures, as she knows she has a duty to humanity and has been groomed (she prefers this term over “grown”) to take care of others. She is actually quite proud of the fact. Still, it seems to her that she might be missing something, that her life somehow is not complete. She definitely has a purpose and is good at her job, she helps others and has a satisfying life with her every need taking care of by the Starbase. Still, every once in a while, her face is the one that she paints in the nebula.
 Role-playing notes: Dr. 42 might be a good addition to a crew of adventures you don’t have a player-character that is a doctor. She might be an interesting character to play. If her Starbase is destroyed, she might join the crew of the ship, not knowing what else to do. If she has assumed to be dead, she might enjoy her life, although she will struggle with becoming a full individual.
 If the characters have a doctor aboard the ship, Dr. 42 might still be an interesting character to encounter aboard a Starbase when critical care is required. She might also expose the fact that the Galactic Empire clones individuals to do the work that no one else wants to do, and treats them as property instead of people. The players might wish to free these clones, only to discover that most of them are quite satisfied where they are.

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