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didn't we do this before?

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Diddn't We Do This Before?
(Harvest 1st - Harvest 2nd)
  Arrving back in Heart City, malachi finds that there have been no attacks, and the guard is on alert, knowing what happened to the south.
 Michael appears from nowhere, apparently alive and well, even in the sight of Malachi's Ring of true Sight. He does emit some magical energies.
 Soon malchi finds out why; the devil Gru'Non has brought Michael back to life. After he did so, he asked for a piece of the Rod as payment. It seems (according to him) that Gru'Non also wants the Rod to best the Queen in some kind of war they are having. However, he refused to work with Malachi. It also appears that whatever victory or revenge Gru'Non wants, he wants to do it himself.
 Malachi refused, and was willing to let Michael die again, although that conversation took place away from the other characters. The devil did not kill Michael however, stating that he would let Michael stay around a bit longer before making Malachi make a "final decision". One starange note was that Bane, Malachi'd dog which seesm to hate and attack the Queen's forces, seemed to like the devil, who is a totaly lawful (although evil!) creature.
 Gru'Non did, however, give Malachi one bit of useful information - the dark Queen's forces would attack before the night was over. Malachi, not telling where his information came from, took the city and evacuated it's women and children, and he and Michael made a plan for the attack.
 The Dark Queen's forces cam toward the city in the early morning, numbering at least a thousand. The city had but three hundred men. Malachi and Zerek stood at the same platform where they had meet a few months back, staring at an army similar to the one they had driven back before. It did not appear that they would turn them back so easily this time...

 The battle begun, the heroes realized that the real danger was the 5 giants that were attacking the walls. Although Malachi's archers tried to cause as much damage to these creatures as possible, only a few of the mighty creatures fell. The walls began to shake.
 Zerek tried to use his magic to fool the Dark Queen's forces, but to no avail. Their leader, a Shadow Knight, was cunning and highly intelligent.
 During the fury of the battle, Malachi and Michael moved to the top of the city wall. Soon, Shadeer followed, trying to convince Malachi to retreat. When the walls were struck again by the mighty giants below, Shadeer fell toward the outside of the walls. Michael caught her, but began to fall himself. Malachi grabbed Michael's legs, and the three held on, even as arrows hit close to them.
 It was at this moment that Gra'non the devil appeared again to Malachi, walking along the wall as if it were solid ground. No one else could see the devil but Malachi. Gra'non offered a trade for Michael's life (which he had returned) for the Rod, or he would let Michael die immediatly, which meant, of course, that Shadeer would surely die too. To add extra incentive, the devil told Malachi that Shadeer bears his unborn son. Malchi was aware that devils are bound to tell the truth, so he gave up a piece of the Rod to gra'non, keeping the "Nacat" piece for himself.

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