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Darkslayer / The Bloodless Battle
(Bloodmoon 6th - Bloodmoon 13th)
Sir Fallen artwork by J. Scott Pittman
"I was there that day, that day when Sir Fallen tried to take the place of the queen to rule the forces of Aremeber. He challenged the coronation of the new queen just after Portraven fell to the shadows, he did. 'Claimed that the princess couldn't carry on the line of blood and was an unfit queen 'cause of it. He was a strong man. Probably would have caused more men ta' join his side if it wern't for that Malachi fella who stood up when he did, claiming that it was the queen's right to rule the land."
 "Anyway, I joined with Fallen. He was a strong leader, and had proven himself in battle. More than I could say for that little girl, as the queen was at the time. We went on to Pirate's Port, leaving the others behind in Diamond City. It didn't take long they were on our heels, the queen making Malachi her champion and sending him after Fallen. I got to tell you, that stood my hair a little, seeing how Malachi has won more than his share of battles with just a few men. Not to mention he had that crazy mage at his side."
 "As I remember, Malachi came with only his wizard and a couple of other fellows. I had me arrow at the wizard's heart, just in case, but he didn't do anything I noticed. You'd figure one of them people would be waving their arms about like a troll on fire when casting their black magic, after all."
 "Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Malachi. Well, I thought it was a brave thing for the man to do coming in the city that way. We had pulled all of Pirtate's forces together and they were no match for us. But he rode on in under the Flag of Respect, which he knew Fallen would acknowledge. Fallen did, and they weighed their options. I didn't hear any of the meeting, but I heard it was unusual. They decided to meet on the battlefield to settle their claim to rule, with Malachi acting as the champion of the queen."
 "I came with fallen the next day. We were hundreds strong, much larger than Malachi's forces. Fallen rushed in a charge, and some of his men fell, but he knew he could spare them. The battle was ours."
 "Then the damnest thing I ever saw happened. None of the men on the battlefield died. All of the men, no matter how hard they fought or were hit ever bled from a single wound. I can't explain it, I just know what I saw. But that wasn't the half of it."
 "The mage walked on the battlefield and moved the trees. The forests moved to where he wished, and obeyed his commands. Malachi used some magic, I think given to him by Zerek, to cause lightning to strike down many of our men, although none of them died."
 "Ha! If you do not think I am drunk now, at the next you certainly will. Have another drink of this ale before I tell this part of the tale, as you will need it, friend, for the next happening stopped both Malachi, Fallen, the wizard, as well as the rest of us, in our tracks."
 "Clouds rolled in faster than the wind could have carried them, and lightning began to flash all about. In one blinding moment, five streaks of blue lighting met in one place on the face of the world, and where they came together Darkslayer stood, it's white blade sunk halfway into the mud. Both Malachi and Fallen rushed to have it. We could not bring ourselves to try to touch it."
 "I know you think that the sword could have been another of the mage's tricks, but I tell you as I looked for a moment at that mage across the battlefield he was as ignorant of the magic behind that blade as I am. He simply watched as the rest of us. That blade isn't of human magic I say, but is of the Highfather! He sent it to us on the battlefield to be claimed by the rightful ruler of this kingdom, so there wouldn't be a civil war. Blssed are we of the Highfather, mercy in our hearts is honor to his name."
 "Now I would have bet all of my gold, if I had any, that Fallen was to take Malachi easily for the sword. I was wrong. Malachi fought with a detrmintion I have never seen in any fighter in all my battles. With every parry, every swing, his aim and his strength became stronger. Fallen fought well, and wounded Malachi, but Malchi was being aided by the Highfather, his blows becoming stronger than any man could have made. Fallen fell, his hand severed by a blow from the Commander, Malachi's sword. Highfather took Fallen's hand that had reached for his chosen kingdom."
 "At that instant we saw the error of our ways, following the lead of a commander who is not of the royal blood, which the church has proclaimed to be the rightful blood to the throne hundreds of years ago."
 "We came back here to Diamond City with the princess, and await the High Cleric from Calan to come and anoint the princess as the rightful queen. I hear that Malachi will be leaving soon afterward, and that the princess had given him great gifts and honors. Fallen still acts as the High Knight, the queen forgiving him of any transgression, although she claims there was none done. Lucky bas - er, man, if you ask me."
 "Sorry you missed it lad. Well, enough of this. Hand me another ale."
- Donald MaCrake, a soilder in the Army of Arember, telling his tale to another soilder that escaped the attack on Portraven and just returned from the south.

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