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“My name is Kalen, a scribe from the city of portraven. In these scrolls I will attempt to tell whoever may read them a breif history of our kingdom, Arember.
 Two hundred years ago, Arember was a glory to behold, a kingdom in it’s greatest glory. All of our needs for survival were found within our own lands, as they are now. Trade with other kingdoms, such as Ravara the Barbarina Kingdoms to the west, was good, and the land was at peace.
 Then came the Dark Queen. Why she came to our kingdom is a mystery, but we assume it was to rob us of our wealth and to use our people as slaves to serve her purposes. Her Fortress of Death sprang from the earth, sitting atop a volcano of lava and fire.
 The Queen’s armies came with her, thousands of monsters that serve as her armies. Some of them, such as the Orcs, serve as her troops, and were used to destroy the great fortresses that protected our kingdom. Others were set free upon our land for no apparent reason. In the last two centuries our world has come to know trolls, undead, and other horrible meanaces of unspeakable power, such as the dragons.
 Another force came with the appearance of the Queen, a power that we call Magic. Although it is a power that was lost to us long ago, it has reawakened with her rise, and some of us, called mages, have been able to use this power to help us work against the Dark Queen’s forces.
 Mystic forces have also taken an apparent stand against the Queen. Priests of our god, the Highfather, have begun to use powers granted by him, and the earth itself has granted powers to those known as the druids, who gather themselves on an island to the north, sometimes helping in the fight against her evil.
 The Queen has yet to attack Portraven, the largest city of Arember, thanks to the cunning of the general and now King, Gilan the mighty. He alone was able to orginize the forces that were left into a fighting army capable of defeating the Queen’s at the battle of Heart Keep.
 Now our kingdom is in a state of war, against an evil of great power. Ravara has been destroyed, and certainly we are next if we cannot conquer the Queen’s armies. King Gilan’s forces are weak, but brave. If ever there was a time when our land needed heros, it is now. The land begs for those brave enough to fight, to find a way to save these Dark Kingdoms.”

- Kalen the Scribe, 175 AG

"The Queen is defeated but her shadow remains. I know not which is worse - a powerful enemy you know of or a foe you know nothing about."

- Tren, an elder from the tiny village of Hillsway, 245 AG

The Kingdom of Arember is a small kingdom located in the mid-north region of the world of Terra-Rane (similar in position of the British Isles of Earth).  
 The weather is often humid, and Arember has long winters. Summers are often only mildly warm, although the occasional high heat season in mid-summer is not uncommon.
 Arember has existed for many hundreds of years, and has become more and more of a military force. Before the coming of the Dark Queen, it was arguably the most powerful kingdom in the entire world.

After the Fifth Age:
 Arember is still strong, although her forces have been weakened somewhat. Trading with outside kindoms have made her diplomatic ties strong, however.

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