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Episode 11:
Things Get Complicated
(Greenwood 39th - Early Summer)
The group, now behind enemy lines, decided to take a northern route to the south of the Dark Queen's mountain, thinking that her forces would not expect them to travel near her fortress. They encountered a group of orcs and Darkriders, but were able to defeat the smaller force.
Once back in Riverwood, Malachi reported to his commanders, who praised him for his ability to lead his men out of such a dangerous situation.
That evening, Malachi was visited by a being calling himself the Wind Duke, who told Malachi that his kind could reveal information that he needed to know. He told Malachi that there was more than one piece of the rod, seven in fact, that could be placed together to make a weapon that could destroy the Dark Queen. He had but one part.
He also told malachi that the Wind Dukes were trying to help the kingdom find the Rod, but they were only seven and cursed by the Queen to be limited in what they could reveal.
Telling him to travel nothward, he told Malachi that he would find Kerrick, a thief, and that Kerrick possessed a piece of the Rod similar to theirs.
Reporting once again, Malachi was sent north to search for the Rod, but without his troops. Salvador, Michael, Anothony and Nathan traveled with him.
Men killed in this battle: 2
Gains: Mission accomplished. The units were able to move from the mountains, and more about the rod was discovered, if the Wind Duke was telling the truth.

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