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The characters:
Player                 Jet*
Character      Yakomo Fugi        
Notes                  Martial Artist
Disadvantages: Poor, sense of duty (friends), enemies (local thugs), cannot harm innocents
Friends/Family: Rodger (friend, car salesman)

Player                 David*     
Character           Damien                                         
Notes                  Fixer for hire
Disadvanatges: Smoking, bad rep with police, sense of duty to friends, enemies, stubborn, overconfident

Player                 Gus
Character            Kaden Ross               
Notes                 Detective
Disadvanatges: Struggling, bad rep (criminals), duty (cop), enemies (black scorpions), bad temper, edgy, loner, stubborn, on the edge, alcoholic, workaholic

Player              Tommy                   
Character         Anthony                  
Notes                Computers, occult
Disadvantages: Bad sight, sense of duty (humanity), cannot kill, smoking, extremely curious, skinny, unfit)

Player                 Lee*  
Character            McCord                         
Notes                  Pilot, private eye
Poor, enemies, cannot harm innocents, gambling addict

Player                Paul     
Character           Callen                                       
Notes                  Pilot
Player              Scott Nunley             
Character         Matthew                        
Notes                Magician
Player              Michelle     
Character         Ms. Sheen                    
Notes                Robot

Other Characters (good)

Daniel        Angel, serves under Michael (angel of Battle)

Other Characters (bad)
Lucas        Demon, serves under Baal (demon of War)
Yangeti        Los Angeles

Characters (Unknown Affiliation)
Steven Moss    Unknown; has the power to summon shadows, wants the Gauntlet himself

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