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Captain Picard

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Captain Jean Luc Picard
GURPS 3rd Edition Character and campaign notes by J. Scott Pittman
551.5 point character
This represents the character sometime after his ordeal as Locutus of Borg, but before the First Contact movie.

Speed 5.5, Attack 10 (Karate), Damage Thrust 1d+1 or Swing 1d+4
Attack 11 (Phaser), Damage 10d fatigue or vaporize (phaser)
Parry 6, Dodge 5, Move 5
Damage Resistance n/a, Hit Points 11

Attributes [85] Strength 12 [20]; Dexterity 11 [10]; Health 11 [10], Intelligence 14 [45]

Advantages [484]
Allies (25 points each, these are Picard’s close personal crew that would never betray him): Commander William Riker, Lt. Commander Deanna Troi, Commander Beverly Crusher, Lt. Commander Data, Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge, Lieutenant Worf, and Cadet Wesley crusher. While Picard has other allies, these in particular are his closest, trusted friends or those that respect him so much that betrayal for any reason would be unthinkable. [175], Ally Group (crew of the Enterprise, a large group that appears quite often) [60], Attractive [5], Charisma +4 [20], Composed [5], Contacts and Favors: Assume Picard has a vast amount of connections, including informants such as Boothby (the gardener at Starfleet Academy) all the way up to admirals. He is owed many favors and probably owes a few himself. [100], Cool [1], Fit [5], Intuition [15], Legal Enforcement Powers [10], Patron, Starfleet (multi-world government that appears fairly often and often on demand, and can supply equipment for special missions) [35], Rank (Captain) [15], Reputation: Great Leader, Wise (was Troublemaker in his younger days) +3. Recognized by most military personnel and everyone in Starfleet, but not by many races not part of the Federation (half value). [8]. This was at one time +4, but after he became Locutus at the hands of the borg and caused much destruction, his Reputation has suffered, Security Clearance 2 [10], Status 3 (free from Starship Captain Rank) [0], Strong Willpower +5 [10], Toughness 1 [10],

Disadvantages [-194]
Age [-3], Artificial Heart [0], Cannot Harm Innocents [-10], Code of Honor, Starfleet (Uphold the Prime Directive, Help the Weak and Defenseless, Explore) [-10], Curious (Quirk level; Picard is an explorer, but is not reckless) [-1], Duty (to Starfleet) [-75], Enemy: Q [-50], Intolerance: Borg [-5], Insomniac [-10], Secret (Embarrassment – Failed to enter Starfleet Academy on first attempt) [-5], Sense of Duty (to all lifeforms. Picard is a firm believer in personal freedoms and rights, and will fight to protect those that need his help. He will use violence, but as an absolute last resort) [-15], Stubbornness [-5], Workaholic [-5]

Quirks [-5]
Likes Earl Grey tea (hot), Calls his first officer “Number One”, commonly tells his officers to “Make it So.” Enjoys classical music, Uneasy around children, Bald, Talks with an English accent, Serious, Dignified, Dislikes genetic engineering, Has no interest in dancing or small animals, Avoids annual physicals, sometimes wears a casual Starfleet jacket. Picard feels a great deal of guilt and anger as a result of his ordeal as Locutus, and this can cloud his judgment during encounters with them.  

Leadership (82 points)
Administration IQ +2 [6],
Area Knowledge (Federation) IQ [4],
Detect Lies IQ +1 [6],
Diplomacy IQ +4 [12],
Intimidation IQ +1 [4]
Law (Federation) IQ [4]
Law (Klingon) IQ -2 [1],
Leadership IQ +5 [12],
Professional (Starship Captain) IQ +4 [10],
Savior-Faire IQ +1 [2],
Savior-Faire, Military IQ [1],
Strategy (Space) IQ +3 [10],
Tactics IQ +1 [6],
Xenology IQ [4]

Hobbies, Interests & Sports (42 points)
Horseback Riding DX [2]
Literature (Shakespeare, others) IQ [4]
Archeology IQ [4]
Musical Instrument: Flute IQ [4]
Appreciate Beauty (Classical Music) IQ -2 [2]
Philosophy (general study) IQ +1 [6]
Fencing DX +1 [4]
History: Literature IQ -2 [1]
Piano IQ [4]
Airships in Bottles IQ [1]; purchased half-price as a hobby skill
Gambling (Poker, new interest) IQ [1]; purchased half-price as a hobby skill
Racquetball DX [1]; purchased half-price as a hobby skill
History (Federation) IQ [4]
Anthropology (study of culture): Klingon IQ -2 [1]
Wrestling DX [2]
Swimming DX -1 [1/2]
Latin IQ -1 [4]
French IQ-1 [1]
Despite Picard having been born in France, he had a distinct English accent. According to TNG: "Code of Honor", by the 24th century, French was considered an archaic language. Picard remembered French children's songs like "Frère Jacques," as mentioned in TNG: "Disaster" and played by him on the Ressikan flute in TNG: "The Inner Light". He also occasionally cursed "merde" in times of stress, such as in "The Last Outpost" and "Elementary, Dear Data", and spoke at least basic French ("11001001").

Combat (8 points)
Pilot (Shuttle) DX [2]
Karate DX -1 [2]
Judo at DX -1 [2]
Beam Weapons (Phaser) DX [1]
Free Fall DX -1 [1]; given a -1 here because the skill is trained but rarely used

Technical (23.5 points)
Computer Operation IQ +1 [2]
Electronics (Computers) IQ +1 [6]
Electronics Operation: Tricorder IQ [2]
Mathematics IQ [4]
Mechanic (Starship) IQ -2 [1/2]
Area Knowledge (USS Enterprise) IQ +1 [2]
Electronics Operation (Transporters) IQ -1 [1]
Electronics Operation (Shields) IQ -1 [1]
Electronics Operation (Communications) IQ [2]
Electronics Operation (Security Systems) IQ -1 [1]
Electronics Operation (Sensors) IQ -1 [1]
Electronics Operation (Starship Weapons) IQ -1 [1]

Science & Medicine (15 points)
First Aid IQ [1]
Astrogation IQ +1 [4]
Astronomy IQ +1 [6]
Physics IQ [4]

Special Skills & Knowledge
Hidden Lore (Knowledge of Borg) IQ +5 [6]
 Limitation: Close Proximity: Capt. Picard has a great deal of knowledge about the Borg as part of the hive-mind experience. However, he must be near (the Enterprise nearby a Borg cube, for example) a great number of Borg for this knowledge to appear, as if he has hearing whispers of the time when he himself was a Borg. A successful roll gives the captain intimate knowledge of Borg ship types, weaknesses, capabilities, strategies, and the like (-50%). While Starfleet understands that this knowledge could be extremely useful, they also think the reverse might be true, and it may be wise to keep Capt. Picard away from the Borg.

Knowledge of Sarek IQ +2 [0]
 This is more of a role-playing note that an actual skill. Because he once shared a mind-meld with Spock’s father, he would know a great deal more about this character’s history and emotions then the common person, as if he were a very close personal friend.

Anthropology (Expert in Kataanan life, specialized) IQ+5 [4]
 Note that Capt. Picard learn this skill while leaving the entire life of a Kataanan while under the influence of a space probe and to share their culture. While the captain learned a great deal about their culture, this was not an official study so many of the finer details of their planet and governmental workings are still a mystery. The captain would be an expert in their culture and day-to-day activities and concerns, which is what the race wanted people to remember about them.

The Atlantis Project IQ -1 [1]

Combat Scores
Perception: 10
Fright: 16
Initiative: 5.5
Basic Damage: Thrust 1d-1, Swing 1d+2
Attack (Karate) Skill 10, Damage Thrust 1d+1 or Swing 1d+4
Attack (Phaser) Skill 11, Damage 10d Fatigue Damage or Vaporize (see below)
Speed/Move: Speed: 5.5; Move: 5
Defenses: Parry 6 (karate), Dodge: 5
Hit Points: 11
Damage Resistance: Jacket (DR 2 to torso, when worn)

Star Trek Weapons Phaser: Beam Weapons skill, Damage: Special, Acc 6, 1 pounds, ROF 1, 100 shots, recoil 0; Star Trek phasers do not have a damage rating when set on “kill”. They simply vaporize whatever they hit. However, these weapons do have a stun setting that causes 10d damage to the victim’s Fatigue score (more than enough to bring down the average person).

Captain Picard is the captain of the starship Enterprise, the flagship of the Federation. He and his crew spend much of their time on missions for Starfleet.
 Picard was born on Earth, in France, and despite a large amount of interests decided to join Starfleet. In his long career he has gained much prestige and quite a reputation, and has proven himself to be a man of reason, action and heroics. A fight with an alien caused him to need an artificial heart. He is intimidating, yet wise and regal. However, he does not show emotion well, and opens up to few people. He is even somewhat aloof from his closest friends. “Married to Starfleet”, Picard has never had a wife or children of his own.
 Although he has had many encounters, none compare to his abduction by the Borg, where he was transformed into Locutus of Borg. As that personality, he destroyed a vast number of Federation vessels, killing thousands. Unable to stop himself as Locutus, he still wrestles with guilt and anger over the incident.
 Picard was rescued, and took the helm of the Enterprise again. Proving that he was still fit for command, he has shown over and over again that he is still the hero he always was, and is a shining example of what a Starfleet captain should be.

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