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Captain Blaze Thompson

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Captain Blaze Thompson
GURPS 3rd Edition Character
226 Point Character
6’, Muscular build, Caucasian male with black hair and blue eyes.

Attributes [100]
Strength: 14, Intelligence: 10, Dexterity: 14, Health: 11 [100 points]
Thrust/Kick 1d (punch 1D-2), Swing 2d; Spd: 6.25; Move 6; Dodge: 6; Hit Pts 11; Fatigue 11; Lift 350

Advantages [168]
Very Handsome (+2 reaction, +4 to opposite sex) [25], Cool (+1 to fright checks) [1], Strong Will +3 [12] Charisma +3 [15], Alertness +3 [15], Combat Reflexes (+1 active defenses, +1 to fast‐draw skills, +2 fright, never freeze. Your side gets +1 initiative, +2 if you are the leader, +6 to recover from mental stun) [15], Toughness +1 (gives +1 damage resistance) [10], Fit (recover Fatigue double rate*) [5], Luck (re‐roll once/hour) [15], Sharpshooter (always gain ACC of guns, knowledge of all guns, negate 2 penalty pts. to hit with guns) [45], Contacts (10) (Basic, Fairly often, Usually Reliable) [10]

Cybernetics [7 point total]
Cybernetic hand and arm (left); arm strength 14 [5]. The hand only has a strength of 12, but gives blaze +1 DX for manual tasks [2]. Note that this includes finding tasks such as delicate repair work - it gives him no bonus to starship battle or using his blaster.
All bionic limbs have PD 1, DR 3. It takes 4 points to cripple a bionic hand, 5 to cripple a bionic arm.
 Damage to bionic parts does not produce any stunning effects, bleeding, temporary loss of DX or other "pain" effects unless specified in the description for a particular part. But bionics won't heal naturally — they must be repaired or replaced.

Disadvantages [-105]
Poor (one‐fifth starting wealth) [-15], Bad Reputation -1 [-5], Low Status (criminal) [-15], Sense of Duty (to all humanity) [-15], Code of Honor [-15], Cannot Harm Innocents [‐10], Stubbornness [‐5], Curious [‐5], Greed [-15], Intolerance (Black Imperium) [-5]

Quirks [-5]
Comical (Quirk), Likes Bar-Women and Drinking (Quirk), Claims to dislike “nerdy” things but can be caught reading technical manuals and poetry (Quirk), Large Scar (Quirk), Clean-Cut (Quirk),

Skills (2 points each: 68 points)
Climbing (DX), Wrestling (DX)

--Computer Expert--
Computer Operation (IQ+1)

Brawling (DX+1, add 1/10 of final score to damage), Wrestling (DX)

Acting (IQ), Detect Lies (IQ-1), Gambling (IQ), Holdout (IQ), Mathematics (IQ-1), Sleight of Hand (DX-1)

--Language Expert--
Language (Average) (IQ: Galactic Basic, Gu, Shaminite)

--Military Leader--
Leadership (IQ), Strategy (Space) (IQ-1), Tactics (IQ-1),

--Space Opera Skills, Basic--
Beam Weapons (DX+1, add +1 for IQ 10-11, add +2 for IQ 12+)

--Space Opera Mechanic--
Armory (Beam Weapons) (IQ), Armory (Starship Weapons) (IQ), Mechanic, Starship Drive (IQ), Electronics, Shields (IQ), Electronics, Communications (IQ), Electronics, Computers (IQ), Electronics, Medical (IQ), Electronics, Security Systems (IQ), Electronics, Sensors (IQ), Electronics, Weapons (IQ),

--Space Opera Pilot--
Area Knowledge (Galaxy) (IQ-1), Gunner (Starship Blasters) (DX), Gunner (Starship Torpedoes) (DX), Hyperspace Physics (IQ-2), Piloting (Space Freighter) (DX),

Streetwise (IQ)

Weapons and Equipment
Science-Fiction Weapons Blast Pistol (Generic): Beam Weapons skill, imp 6d, Acc 6, 2 pounds, ROF 3 (non-auto), 20 shots, recoil -1 Special: When rolls are made for damage using sci-fi weapons, they always cause 1 point of damage per die that bypasses up to 100 DR on a roll of 2-3, and 2 points if the die rolls 4-6. This is part of the damage rolled, not extra damage.  For example, if 6d is rolled and the results are 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, the damage is 17, and 6 points of the 17 will ignore DR.

Armor, Generic Science Fiction Spy/Light (PD2, DR 10, 10 lbs.)

Blaze Thompson grew up as an orphan on the planet Ru Prime, in a human settlement. The planet was very much like Earth, although humans where the minority, but treated very well by the Ru aliens. His father, a merchant, lost everything, and became a simple farmer when Blaze was very young. They were poor, but happy.

The Black Imperium came to the settlement during an attack on Ru Prime. The local authorities were no match for the terrorist organization, and Blaze stood helpless as he watched his family die. One of the Ru took him aboard his father’s ship, and they escaped, barely, into space.

From that moment forward “Captain” Blaze has dedicated himself to one purpose - getting filthy rich. It’s not working out so far, his band of companions barely make enough money as merchants to survive one trip to the next. But his crew respect him, and although they often argue, they are good friends. They trust that one day they will all be rich. In reality, although none of them realize it (except maybe Ru-Bay), the notice that Blaze is a hero at heart. He’s already become a criminal for attacking a Black Imperium ship that had legal slaver rights on Gilon-6, and attack that rescued many children from slavery the cost him his left arm (which has been replaced with a cybernetic model).

However, not all of his actions are so noble. Blaze has been known to smuggle illegal goods, transport people through illegal lines, and even resorted to blackmail (although this has always been against very criminal individuals, usually crime lords). He keeps a complex system of contacts and favors, although usually he is out of favors. So far his luck has kept him alive. He hopes it will long enough for him to make that one big deal, to get rich. Then he will fly the Dreamer’s Dream, his father’s ship, to some beautiful world where he can live like a king.

Blaze is charming, clever, self-trained, and good in a fight. He’s a tough guy that likes to act like he’s a real criminal, but in the middle he has a heart of gold. It would be interesting to see what would happen if he has to choose between the money his family always wanted in his sense of duty to help others. The Black Imperium may force him to make that choice.

Written by J. Scott Pittman
Any artwork used is not property of J. Scott Pittman and is used without permission; the use of the artwork is not a challenge to the rights of the art and is not used with the intention of making any monetary profit.

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