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Called to Judge
(Harvest 8 - Harvest 11)
 Malachi and his companions are called into the elven wood by Ye'Nell, the son of Yellondan, the head of the family in the elven court. The elves wish the group, mainly Malachi and Zerek, to act as neutral judges in finding a group of dwarves innocent or guilty of entering the elven woods of their own accord and killing three elven people.
 Under investigation of the dwarves and some elves, the heroes realise that a mage summoned a creature to run the heroes into the elven wood, and there an elf working for the mage attacked the dwarves first, then claimed that the dwarves attacked first (before he died). The elven fighter and the hidden mage wished to cause great tension between the dwarves and the elves, so that the elves would not give back the Wand of Irakar, a powerful item that was given to the elven families as a gift long ago when the dwarves and the leves fought together.
 The heroes were attacked during the night by Kulocks, shadow-creatures summoned by the mage they sought. They survived, and presented their evidence that Grandon Hillforger, the dwarf leader accused of murder, was innocent.
 During this time, the heroes discovered that the Wand of Iraker was actually a piece of the Rod of Seven Parts. Malachi revealed to the elven king what the Rod was and why he needed the piece, and the king gave the piece to him in hopes that Malachi could kill the Dark Queen.
 The true villian turned out to be Caramon Yearanous, who had his father killed by the dwarf Grun Fireforger (the act that turned many of the elves against dwarves). He wished for the elves to keep the Rod and to cause a war between the elves and the dwarves.
 Cornered, Caremon bartered for his life, offering the Rod and it's name for his life. Malachi reluctantly gave his word as an officer of the army of Arember that he would let the mage go. however, Perridon shot and killed the mage anyway, seeing him as a murderer. Malachi became enraged at this, threatening Perridon with extreme punishment if he ever commited an action that caused Malachi's oath to be broken again.
 With tensions still high and the heroes still exhausted, they left the forest, traveling to Northtown.

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