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Known For: Lying on the border of the Fortress of the dark Queen, and it's strong military presence. It's also known for it's recent battles with the elves. Calan is known for it's great weaponsmiths and vineyards.
Walking through the city: As one would make his way through Calan, they would notice too many people in the city not built for so many soilders, traders, and theives. Calan has become a hot spot for those who wish to make a fourtune from war. The city is slowly being turned into a dirty, unkept place, it's streets turning to mud and muck.
Local Rumors: It's rumored that this is where they next attack of the Dark Queen will most likely come, although there are reports that the Dark Queen's armies are retreating back into the mountain after recent battles to the north and to the south.
History: Calan is a small city to the north of the kingdom, known for it's battle with the elves in 65 AG (135 years ago):
"A group of elves are blamed for causing the dragon Darkskies to become enraged when they attacked it. It took it’s vengance upon the elven-friendly town of Calan, killing over 100 townspeople. Bloody battles took place within the forrest as soilders attempted to arrest the elves responsible. Darkskies moved it’s lair to the Heart Mountains, and the elves declared Elfwood to be a seperate kingdom. Humans were banned from entering the forrest."
 Needless to say, the townsfolk of Calan do not allow elven kind into the city, even though the battles are long-since over. The elves feel the same way, some of them still alive that fought in the battles of Calan.
Who Rules: Duke Agron II rules the general population here. He is an obese man who is stern but just. The Duke does not try to run the affairs of the military here, but stays highly informed of what is going on.
Population: Calan has a normal population of about 400 men, women and children. If needed, Calan could call 40 men (4 units) of Irregular Militia to aid it in battle.
Cost of Living: High. Calan's traders and merchants have taken advantage of the location of the city to make a small fourtune for themselves.
Inns / Taverns: Calan supports many taverns and inns, the most famous of which is The Raven's Nest (which is both an inn and a tavern). Greenwoods, a soilder who lost his arm in battle, guards the building, with the help of others. Greenwoods is an excellent information source to the right people.
Blacksmith: Jerald Smitherton
House of Hamar:
Resources:  Wood that is needed for homes and fires is cut from Goldenwood, to the south of Calan. Cutting trees from Elfwood carries a death penalty by the elves.
Power Groups:
Theives Guilds / Other Crime:
Dark Queen Influence:
City Defenses:
Armed Forces / Commanders:
Special Laws: An elf entering the city of Calan is under the penalty of death.
The Fourth Epoch:
 During this time, Calan is similar to the way it has always seemed, although the ban on elven travel in the city has been lifted. Still, there is much prejustice (each way) in the city, and the humans and elves remain mostly in their own places. There are still no laws that allow elves to own property, so elves do not live in Calan. Humans are not allowed to permanently stay in the elven wood (with some exception, such as the Great Druid and Sulan the Ranger). Relations with elves are impoved in Calan, but still not ideal.
 The ruler of Calan in the Fifth Age is Duke Argon IV, a young man of fair skin and hair who takes his honor very seriously, and expects his troops to do likewise.

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