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Borg Racial Template

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Borg (Racial Template) [-23.5 points]
For GURPS 3rd Edition
“We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

Advantages: [297.5]
Cybernetics for skills and other powers (especially the eye and arm) [40]
Worker: Microscopic Vision 2 [8], Night Sight [20], Polarized Eyes [5], Gadget Implants (repair tools) [5]
Workers are not as often given dangerous duties as warriors are [2] [total: 40]
Warrior: Drug Factory (able to paralyze a victim by touch with drugs) [total: 40]
Cybernetics for Borgs are not reduced in cost for looking Unnatural (they are normal for Borg)
Increased Strength +2 [+20]
Force Field that adapts to attacks (this is Invulnerability to Common Attack: Energy with a Limitation of new types of energy attacks must attack the borg 1d6 times before the entire Collective will develop an immunity -25%) [112.5]
Patron (Borg Collective; Incalculable Value and provides equipment) [35]
Unfazeable [15]
Mindshare (Global Consciousness, Intelligent Drone, Galaxy-Wide) [75]
The telepathic link of the Mindshare is technological in nature, and can be detected and blocked or cut off, although doing so is very difficult due to the advanced technology of the Borg. If not prepared (if thrown across space to another Quandrant or something similar) the Borg can be cut off. The Borg are confused if cut off from the Collective, but are intelligent enough to try to establish the link again (and most will desire to do so due to their Slave Mentality). -35%
Vacuum Support [40]
High technology [20]

Disadvantages: [321]
Hive Mentality [-20]
No Sense of Humor [-10]
Low Empathy [-15]
Callous [-6]
Obsession (assimilating races) [-15]
Odious Personal Habit: Assimilating Others [-15]
Bad Reputation -4 (as a monstrous race that assimilates others against their will) [-20]
Monstrous Appearance [-25]
Unnatural Feature (cybernetics, complexion) [-5]
Involuntary Duty to the Borg (all the time) [-80]
Split Personality (decreased chance if connected to the Borg Collected) [-5]*
Extremely Hazardous Duty (to the Borg Collective) [-20]
Extreme Fanaticism [-15]
Overconfidence (generally overconfident, even ignoring individuals unless they become a threat [-10]
Slave Mentality [-40]
Stubbornness [-5]
Reduced Move -3 (based on a Move of 5-6 – the character must purchase one additional point of Reduced Move for each point above Move 6) [-15]

*This affects all Borg who were assimilated as adults that have a Willpower of 13 or more. In any stress situation, roll Willpower -10. If the character rolls lower than his modified Willpower, he can take a small action such as pausing or saying a single word as his former (non-borg) self. The trigger to make this happen must be intense (loss of a loved one, homeworld in danger, and the like). The character gets one roll, which, obviously, almost always fails. Captain Picard failed at Wolf 359 to overcome his Borg programming, resulting in the deaths of thousands of lives – and even if he succeeded for a moment it is doubtful that his small action would have had any effect. When the Earth was in danger, he was able to utter the word “sleep” that helped to stop the Borg attack.

Written by J. Scott Pittman

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