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Ru-Bay (“Blu-ray”)
GURPS 3rd Edition Character
203 Point Total
50 years old (appears 30) blue skinned humanoid of striking beauty, with black hair and white eyes.

Attributes [100]
Strength 10, Intelligence 10, Dexterity 17, Health 10 [100 points]
Thrust/Kick 1d-2 (punch 1D-4), Swing 1d; Spd: 6.75; Move 6; Dodge 6; Hit Pts 10; Fatigue 10; Lift 250

Advantages [72]
Very Beautiful (+2 reaction, +4 to opposite sex) [25], Cool (+1 to fright checks) [1], Fearlessness +3 [6], Alertness +4 [20], Combat Reflexes (+1 active defenses, +1 to fast‐draw skills, +2 fright, never freeze. Your side gets +1 initiative, +2 if you are the leader, +6 to recover from mental stun) [15], Fit (recover Fatigue double rate*) [5], Dark Vision [25]

Disadvantages [-75]
Poor (one‐fifth starting wealth) [-15], Bad Reputation -1 [-5], Low Status (criminal) [-15], Sense of Duty (to all humanity) [-15], Code of Honor [-10], Cannot Harm Innocents [‐10], Inhuman Feature (blue skin) [-5]

Quirks [-5]
Serious (Quirk), Quiet (Quirk), Sophisticated (Quirk), Talks with an Accent (Quirk), Always wears black (Quirk)

Skills [86]
All skills were purchased with two points each, except for Theology

Acrobatics (DX-1), Climbing (DX), Jumping (DX+1), Wrestling (DX) Running (DX-1), Swimming (DX+1),

--Computer Expert--
Computer Operation (IQ+1), Computer Programming (IQ-1), Computer Hacking (IQ-2), Electronics, Computers (IQ),

Knife (DX+1), Thrown Weapon (Knife) (DX+1)

Shield (DX+1), Riding (DX),

--Language Expert--
Language, English (IQ) – note that English is her second language, Ru is her native tongue.

--Martial Artist--
Judo: Throws (DX-1), Karate: Punching & Kicking (DX-1, add 1/5 of final score to damage)

First Aid (IQ+1)

Area Knowledge, Ru Forests (near her home) (IQ+1), Tracking/Hunting (IQ), Poisons (IQ-1), Survival, Woodlands (IQ),

--Space Opera Starfighter--
Area Knowledge (Galaxy) (IQ-1), Beam Weapons (DX+1, add +1 for IQ 10-11, add +2 for IQ 12+), Gunner (Starship Blasters) (DX), Gunner (Starship Torpedoes) (DX), Hyperspace Physics (IQ-2), Language (Specific Alien Race), Piloting (Starfighter) (DX),

Area Knowledge (local, IQ+1), DX), Escape (DX-1), Stealth (DX), Streetwise (IQ), Sleight of Hand (DX-1), Fast-Talk (IQ), Scrounging (IQ+1), Shadowing (IQ), Lockpicking (IQ), Poisons (IQ-1)

Religious Leader
Theology (IQ +3) [10]

Ru-Bay appears much younger than she is, as her race ages much more beautifully than the standard human, although their lifespan is about the same. She was a good friend of the Thompson family, a liaison between them and the alien Ru race. She was having a terrible time with her father, who pushed her to the extremes in discipline and was forcing her to follow a career in politics when she wanted to be an athlete and a soldier. When the Black imperium attacked, she felt that Tu intervened by placing her in the right place at the right time to rescue the boy and reveal her destiny as a soldier of Tu and not some government, a protector of the weak.
 She rescued Capt. Blaze as a small child by stealing his father’s ship, and for a while was Capt. of the Dreamer’s Dream (although calling it that is a bit harsh as Capt. Blaze’s father had already been killed by the Black Imperium). However, she never intended to keep it, and when she felt the Capt. was ready, she handed over ownership of the vessel and became his commanding officer. She has stayed by his side ever since, both a guiding figure and they would-be romantic interest, although neither of them have given into, or even mentioned their attraction to one another. She sees the truth about Capt. Blaze, that he is a true hero at heart.
 She has acquired many skills in her years, some learned on her home world, and more roguish skills acquired after she left her home world. She acts as chief of security, and is extremely deadly in a fight if she wishes to be. Her name, blue skin and the fact that she fights with a blaster has earned her the nickname “Blu-ray”, a reference to a long outdated technology, but a fitting nickname nonetheless.
 “Bay”, as she is commonly referred to, is a member of the Ru race, and thus can see perfectly in the dark, and is a fierce follower of their theology, a sort of servitude to the ideals of their deity called Tu. Some examples of her beliefs and code of honor include:

There is no “better” race; there are living beings and actions.
Tu does not know everything, but knows enough.
When your life is at stake, you know the truth - the love you have for someone, you will you have to survive, if you’re brave or if you are a coward. When your life is at stake, the truth is revealed.
Tu will keep those worthy by her side in this world and the next.
The demons of Nu war against the followers of Tu, tempting them with lust and riches. There are greater things to be won.

Weapons and Equipment

Science-Fiction Weapons Blast Pistol (Generic): Beam Weapons skill, imp 6d, Acc 6, 2 pounds, ROF 3 (non-auto), 20 shots, recoil -1; Special: When rolls are made for damage using sci-fi weapons, they always cause 1 point of damage per die that bypasses up to 100 DR on a roll of 2-3, and 2 points if the die rolls 4-6. This is part of the damage rolled, not extra damage.  For example, if 6d is rolled and the results are 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, the damage is 17, and 6 points of the 17 will ignore DR.

Armor, Generic Science Fiction Spy/Light (PD2, DR 10, 10 lbs.), Rebel/Medium (PD 3, DR 25, 20 lbs.), Imperial/Heavy (PD 4, DR 40, 30 lbs., -4 Perception, -5 to stealth), Energy Shield (PD 2, usable against all kinds of attacks without taking damage itself. Easily detected by sensors. -4 to weapon skills when being used. Can negate the armor piercing ability with a shield skill check when the character is hit)

Written by J. Scott Pittman
Any artwork used is not property of J. Scott Pittman and is used without permission; the use of the artwork is not a challenge to the rights of the art and is not used with the intention of making any monetary profit.

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