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Blade (Blade (The movie version); Blade is property of Marvel Comics)
Real Name: Blade/none
Personality*: Eye for an Eye
Trademark: Extremely tough, swordsmanship, weaponry, martial arts
Team: None (prefers to work alone)
Occupation: Vampire Hunter
Home: America
Style: Kung Fu - Jeet Kune Do, Sword Fighting
Concept: Half-Vampire Vampire hunter
Signature: Runs sword across ground
Stats: STR 5, DEX 6, STM 6, CHA 1, MAN 3, APP 4, PER 5, INT 2, WIT 5
Abilities - Alertness 5, Interrogation 5, Intimidation 5, Streetwise 5, Searching* 3, instinct**3, Blindfighting 4, Drive (car, motorcycle) 5, Security 3, Stealth 5, Swimming 1, Computer 1, Investigation 2, Mysteries 2, Style Lore 4, Law* (vampire law) 4, Lingustics 1 (russian), Professional** (Vampire Hunting) 5
Backgrounds - Allies 1, Contacts 4, Vampire 3
Techniques - P4, K5, G4, B5, A5, F3, Sw 6, Th 5, Kn 4
Special Maneuvers - All Basic Maneuvers, Jump, Throw, Dodge**, Basic Sword Maneuvers, Backflip Strike**, Dashing Strike**, Dashing Upper Strike**, Deflecting Strike**, Double-dread Strike**, double-Hit Strike**, Feint Weapon Attack**, Overhead Strike**, Power Upper Strike**, Speed Draw**, Spinning Back Strike**, Weapon Combo Kick**, Weapon Defense**, Foot Sweep, Spinning Foot Sweep, Toughskin, Regeneration, Backflip, Backflip Kick, Balance (only usable once per 24 hour period),
Combos- Backflip Strike to Block to Fierce Strike (+Speed Draw) (dizzy)
Unique Abilities - Blade has none of the normal Vampire Weaknesses.
Blessings* - Fearless 5, Acute (sixth) Sense 5, Luck 5, Rapid Healing 5
Burdens*- Mental Burdens - killing vampires 5, overconfident 5
Equipment - Sword (w/booby trap), Throwing blades (2, treat as shuriken , but damage is +4), shotgun - all of These weapons use silver (the shotgun uses silver pellets) as silver causes +10 damage on any attack against a vampire in the Blade universe, armor (+2 soak, Athletics -2), sometimes carries other gadgets as well, including his Blood chemical agent (uses knife or Thrown Weapon skill, speed +3, damage: Multiply victim's vampire background x3, move: +2).
Renown - Honor 0, Glory 10
Division/Rank - N/A
Heart/Darkness*: Heart 2, Darkness 7
Chi/Willpower/Health - Chi 2, Willpower 10, Health 19
Notes - Blade's mother was bitten by a vampire when he was still in the womb. Born a half-vampire, he sought out his revenge on Deacon Frost, and still hunts vampires to this day. He usualy (but reluctantly) has one ally.
Quote: "You wanna survive in this world? You better learn to pull the trigger."

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