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The Black Unicorn (Hunting 11th)
  Malachi and his companions traveled for two days, toward heart City, with the Elven Wood to thier right and the Heart Mountains, home of Blackskies, to their left.
 While camping during the second night, Malachi noticed one part of the Rod glowing with a strange light, in the same way it had back in Seatown. Suddenly, a large black unicorn came into the camp, obviously exhausted. behind the creature, a hunter came after, firing arrows at the men and the black unicorn.
 Malachi went after the hunter but decided to return to camp, his position in the night very dangerous against such an experienced foe. Once he returned, he discovered some of his men wounded. He was also amazed when the unicorn spoke, calling himself Avar. He was being chased by the Dark Archer, a man who had given himself to the Dark Queen many years ago in exchange for great archery skill. Since that time, he had hunted down and killed almost all black unicorns, the rarest type of the already scarce unicorns.
 Malachi and the rest of his companions volenteered to aid the unicorn in his quest to return home. They traveled for a day into the forbidden Elven Wood, toward the hidden Glade of the Unicorns.
 Of course, the Dark Archer followed. Once he had found them, the Dark Archer opened fire, killing Nathan, a long time friend and companion. He fell into Malachi's arms, and Malachi vowed to destroy the archer.
 The elves soon appeared as well, at first to kill malachi, but then to aid him once they discovered his mission. The Dark Archer reappeared, killing some of the elves as well as wounding some of Malachi's men once again. Finally, Malachi used the power of the Rod against the Archer, hoping it would destroy him just as it had done to the Spyderfiends.
 However, the Dark Archer reappeared after being "destroyed" by the Rod. Malachi was able to defend himself, but did not know how to destroy this terrible, seemingly immortal foe. Finally, Avar asked Malachi to cut off his horn and use it against the Dark Archer. He did so, and the Archer was destroyed.
 In return for their aid, Avar led the group to the Glade, and there gave them a scroll left behind by The Wind Dukes, whom they had known. the scroll contained a magical circle and various pictures, which had something to do with the Rods, although the unicorns knew nothing more.

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