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Black Imperium Soldier

GURPS Characters > Dark Stars

Black Imperium Soldier [0]
"Stop in the name if the Saviors!"
GURPS 3rd edition character
-79 character points

Strength 10, Intelligence 10, Dexterity 10, Health 10 [0 points]
Thrust/Kick 1d-2 (punch 1D-4), Swing 1d-1; Spd: 5; Move 5; Dodge: 5*; Hit Pts 10; Fatigue 10; Lift: 250

Advantages [10]
Legal Enforcement Powers (same powers as a modern day policeman) [5], Fit (recover Fatigue double rate*) [5]

Disadvantages [-90]
Bad Reputation (‐4, everybody hates the Black Imperium) [-20], Low Status (property/slave) [-20], Duty (to dangerous job) [-10], Sense of Duty (to nation) [-10], Unluckiness (-50% only applies to the first shot in any combat) [‐5], Dead Broke [-25]

Quirks [-25]
Stands around waiting for orders
Follows any order with “yes, sir!” even if speaking to a woman
Near-fanatical sense of duty
Considers leaders of the Black Imperium to be superior, and those not of the Imperium to be trash
Extremely religious, following the Black Imperium Codex as a way of life

Skills [26]
Area Knowledge, Local (IQ+1)
--Driver (car thief, getaway driver, race car driver, etc.)--
Driving (car) (DX)
Brawling (DX+1, add 1/10 of final score to damage), Intimidation (IQ), Wrestling (DX)
Knife (DX+1), Thrown Weapon (Knife) (DX+1)
First Aid (IQ+1)
--Religious Leader--
Theology (IQ-1)
--Space Opera Starfighter--
Beam Weapons (DX+1, add +1 for IQ 10-11, add +2 for IQ 12+), Gunner (Starship Blasters) (DX), Gunner (Starship Torpedoes) (DX), Piloting (Starfighter) (DX)

Weapons and Equipment

Black Imperium Helmet
The helmet is PD2, DR 25 and gives the effect of 360-degree Vision and Dark Vision, but also gives a -2 to any check involving combat, including combat rolls.

Science-Fiction Weapons
Blast Pistol (Generic): Beam Weapons skill, imp 6d, Acc 6, 2 pounds, ROF 3 (non-auto), 20 shots, recoil -1;  
Special: When rolls are made for damage using sci-fi weapons, they always cause 1 point of damage per die that bypasses up to 100 DR on a roll of 2-3, and 2 points if the die rolls 4-6. This is part of the damage rolled, not extra damage.  For example, if 6d is rolled and the results are 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6, the damage is 17, and 6 points of the 17 will ignore DR.

Armor, Generic Science Fiction
Rebel/Medium (PD 3, DR 25, 20 lbs.)

Background: The Black Imperium is mostly made of these religious warriors, who are extremely dedicated to their cause, religion and leader, the Goulmon. While not clones (as they are often called), the race is given growth enhancers that cause them to age and become adults at twice the normal rate. Black Imperium soldiers have no personal lives, as it is against their religion, but instead stay fit and socialize with each other. Their religion calls for them to conquer worlds and cleanse them so that they will be ready for the return of the “Formers”, the mythological first race of god-like beings. They are not bullies and do not enjoy pain, but follow the faith as true believers. Not mindless, they can be bargained with, intimidated or tricked, but it is difficult.

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