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Malachi, a solider in the Army of Arember, joins together with the other members of his unit in adventures in the Dark Kingdoms. Along the way, he learns of the Rod, and fights to find it and use it's power to defeat the Dark Queen.

Malachi Valorous
Human Male
Fighter (Leiutenant in the Army of Arember), Myrmidon
Religion: Highfather (medium faith)
Level 5
 Malachi comes from the powerful Valorous family in Portraven. A young lad in the service of the Army, he has a happy-go-lucky outlook on life, not expecting to have to meet the strict expectations placed on his older brothers by his father.
 Malachi's brothers are Fredrick (older) and Gage (second child, presumed dead), and his father is Gladwin. His father waited a couple of years before allowing him to join the military.
 Malachi had a cousin, Kanadon, in Woodway who died in battle recently. His aunt, Alurus, still lives in that city.
 Malachi also had a little sister who died at age five when she drowned. malachi was eight at the time. Although a servant was supposed to be watching his sister, he has feelings of guilt about her death from time to time. When the Wind Duke revealed to him that his sister's death resulted in saving his brother's life, Malachi has been able to bear the burden of her death more easily.

Anothony (NPC) - Deceased
Human Male
Religion: Highfather (high faith)
Level: 2
 Anothony is a young man who is obviously the most nervous and self-doubting member of Malachi's unit. Still, he excels at the physical sciences of herbalisim, engineering and history. He is also very knowledgable in the occult and magic as well, although he cannot cast spells himself.

Michael (NPC)
Human Male
Religion: Highfather (low faith)
Level: 3
 Michael is a young man from the rich family of merchants known as The House of Jarlane. Arrogant and pig-headed, Michael is also a great fighter, second only to Malachi in the unit. He considers himself above the others. Michael was killed in the Battle of Portraven, but his was brought back to life in exchange for one of the Rods by the devil known as Gru'Non.

Salvador (NPC)
Human Male
Religion: Highfather (extreme faith)
Level: fighter 2, priest 1
 Salvador is a human male who is deeply involved in the studies of the teaching of The Wisdom of Highfather, taught by the Priests of Wisdom, a small denomination of Highfather found throughout Arember. He is a thinker and the wisest of the group. He also distains killing and will only do so as a last resort. Salvador is not a true priest, and hs not been ordained by the church. He does not recieve The Gifts from Highfather.
 Salvador is the "doctor" of the group, knowing much more than the others of first aid and healing wounds.
Update: Salvador has found in recent missions that he possesses powers granted to him by The Highfather. He is the only priest not ordained by the church to gain the Gifts.

Nathan (NPC) - Deceased
Religion: Highfather (Medium Faith)
Level: 2
 Nathan is an adventerous and optomistic lad, the youngest of the group. He is very excited about the possibility of combat and can't wait to do his part of the fighting. He is quick to act without thinking, using his instincts over rational thought. Nathan has a girlfriend in Portraven that he is crazy about.

Zerek Veldainos
Human Male
Religion: Highfather (?)
Level 2
 Zerek grew up as an orphan until he was ten. The powerful wizard known as Veldainos adopted Zerek and taught him the way of magic, and treated him like his own son. Veldainos only lived to teach Zerek a few magical skills, and unfortunatly his spell books had been destroyed during the Mage Wars long ago. When he died, Zerek was young, without friends, a teacher, or even a home (as Veldainos had to leave his home to other to pay off many debts). Zerek felt the part of the orphan again.
 Still, his teacher had told him to follow the same path as Malachi Valorous. He found him during a battle and offered his magical help. Malachi agreed, his own wizard fallen in battle, and Zerek has allied himself with the fighter from that point on.

Kerrick Bremmen
Human Male
Religion: Highfather (very light worship)
Level 3
Kerrick's father was frightened for his son's life when the Dark Queen's armies destroyed thier village north of Midtown. Taking his son into the forest, he taught Kerrick how to survive, hunt and track. Kerrick made friends with the elves of that region, and became an accomplished scout.
 When his father died of old age, Kerrick set out on his own, never realising the adventures he would find...

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