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Episode 6:
The Battle of Golden Keep Pass
(Greenwood 5th - Early Summer)
Now home, Malachi's unit was ordered to go to the west, to help protect the border between the Peaks of Death and Calan, where scouts had learned that The Dark Qeen had been amassing forces. Although they had not passed the boundry set fourth by the treaty.
 Malachi decided to scout south of Calan, where forces had not gathered, taking around 150 men with him. There, they encounted a large number of lightly armed orcs coming north on the trail from Golden Keep. As soon as the orcs passed the treaties boundry of the central strem through the woods, Malachi's forces confronted the group, who immediatly attacked. In a devastating display of strategy and superior training, the orcs were defeated. Although outnumbered, Malachi only lost two men, although there were many wounded. Malachi and his men recieved awards for battle prowess and courage.
 The Dark Queen's ambassadors claimed that the orcs were ordered not to go beyond the treaty boundry and made a formal apology to the king.
Men killed during this battle: 2
Gains: Mission accomplished. Dark Queens forces humiliated; border kept safe.
Episode 7:
The Battle of Braker's Hill
(Greenwood 20th - Early Summer)
 After taking some time off to replaced the lost soilders and for the wounded to heal, Malachi decided to scout west of Calan. there he discovered a hidden supply of gold, armor and weapons, obviosly intended to increase the fighting effectiveness of the Dark Queen's forces. However, gathering supplies on the boundy's edge was a clear violation of the treaty. Therefore, by treaty law, and force could fight for the supplies without declaration of war.
 However, the surrounding hills made it impossible to set archers, and the supplies were guarded by giants as well as orcs and kobolds.
 Gathering together his forces, Malachi stormed the area, armed with a new unit of heavily armored soilders. Although many men were wounded or lost, Malachi was victorious, and the supplies were gained, even after a suprise appearance of a deadly Dark Naga. Returning home, Malachi received a gold reward for his efforts and more honors.
Men killed in this battle: 18
Gains: Mission accomplished. Various treasure and weapon supplies usable by the king's forces are gained.

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