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Batman (Batman comics); Batman is property of DC Comics; Artist unknown
Real Name: Bruce Wayne
Personality*: Eye for an Eye
Trademark: Extremely tough, martial arts, physical human perfection
Team: None (prefers to work alone, although he has many allies)
Occupation: Crime Fighter
Home: Gotham City, United States
Style: Batman's primary style is unknown - he obviously is a master at many styles
Concept: Dark Knight
Signature: Grips belt, cape flowing in the wind
Stats: STR 5, DEX 5, STM 5, CHA 3, MAN 5, APP 3, PER 5, INT 5, WIT 5
Abilities - Alertness 5, Interrogation 5, Intimidation 6 (in batsuit), Insight 4, Streetwise 5, Subterfuge 5, Searching 5, Instruction 5, Animal* (Bat) 5, Instinct* 5, Performance* 4, Blindfighting 6, Drive 5, Leadership 4, Security 5, Stealth 5, Survival 5, Demolitions 5, Disguise 5, Design/Repair* 5, Artist (knowledge of artists and works) 4, Pilot* (jet, helicoptor, small plane, power boat, hydrofoil) 5, Swimming* 4, Thief* 5, Arena 3, Computer 5, Investigation 7, Medicine 3, Mysteries 1, Style Lore 5, Science (physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, botany, and many others) 4, Finance 4, Law 5, Linguistics 5, Professional (Super Hero) 5
Backgrounds - Allies 5, Backing/Resources (Wayne Enterprises) 6, Staff (Wayne Enterprises) 5, Sidekick (Robin) 3, Reputation (hero) 2 (5 to other super heroes)
Techniques - P5, K4, G5, B5, A6, F3, Ex (batarang, grappling launcher) 5, Thrown Weapons 5, Rapier 5, Staff 5
Special Maneuvers - All Basic Maneuvers, Jump, Throw, Dodge**, Basic Weapon Maneuvers for the Weapon Proficiencies he knows, Air Throw, Ax Kick, Back roll Throw, Backflip, Boshi-Ken, Breakfall, Dashing Punch, dashing Uppercut, Deflecting Punch, Disengage, Dislocate Limb, Displacement, Double Dread Kick, Double it Kick, Drunken Monkey Roll, Ducking fierce, Ear Pop, Elbow Smash, Esquives, Eye Rake, Foot Sweep, Foward Flip Knee, Grappling Defense, Ground Fighting, Haymaker, Head Butt, Heart Punch, Improved Pin, Kick Defense, Kippup, Knee basher, Lightfeet, Missile Reflection, Monkey grab Punch, Pin, Power Uppercut, Punch Defense, Rekka Ken, Shikan-Ken, Sleeper, Spinning back Fist, Spinning Foot Sweep, Suplex, Triple Strike, Tumbling Attack, Wall Spring, Widowmaker, Wounded Knee. If the optional new maneuvers are used, Batman also knows Dodge, Feint Punch, Roll with the Hit, Weapon Defense, Head Lock and Cat Stance.
Combos- Jumping Short Kick (usually over projectiles like firearm shots) to Spinning foot Sweep (dizzy), Block to Throw, Batarang Thrown Weapon to Fierce Punch dizzy), Jab punch to Fierce Punch (dizzy). Batman in all probability knows more combinations than this, and the Storyteller should create more for him if he feels they are appropriate.
Unique Abilities - None
Blessings* - Fearless 5, Acute (sixth) Sense 5, Genius/Natural (detective, escaping traps)5, Luck 5, Rapid Healing 5, Perfect Memory 5
Burdens*- Bad Reputation (vigilante) 3, Fanatic (fighting crime) 5, Pacifisim 1
Equipment - Batarangs (at as boomerangs), infrared suit capabilities (negates penalties for natural darkness), utility belt (contains various devices), rope/grappling launcher, Batsuit (if the optional armor rules are used, this is medium armor. However, due to it's special unknown materials, the Batsuit causes no reduction in speed or move).
Renown - Honor 5, Glory 9
Division/Rank - N/A
Heart/Darkness*: Heart 7, Darkness 3 (although the common populace sees him as much more ruthless)
Chi/Willpower/Health - Chi 10, Willpower 10, Health 20
Notes - Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered before his eyes when he was only a child. Training his entire life, he has appeared in Gotham as Batman, the Dark Knight, to protect the innocent from crime.
Quote: "Crime is a cancer, eating away at this city - and I'm the surgeon."

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