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Back into Portraven
(Harvest 32- Coldwind 2)
 "I keep this journal, father, in the hopes that one day it will reach you. I have found out a great many things recently, such as my destiny to search for the Rods, as Malachi's destiny is. I have discovered that you were a Guardian of the Rod and were sworn not to reveal the information about the Rods to me. I have also discovered that the Rod can be used to destroy the Dark Queen."
 "We have obtained three peices of the Rod. Recently, on meeting Malachi's brother in the Diamondwood, we were told that a circle, similar to the one that allowed Malachi to link two peices of the Rod together at heart City, could be found in the Temple of Highfather in Portraven."
 "Of course, we knew we must try to get to that location and see if the circle worked, and allow the wizard Zerek to try to scribe the circle to a scroll."
 "The travel was hard, and we did encounter and do battle with a shadow or two, but we made it to the coast were we found a sunken ship and used one of it's boats to travel further south. Getting the boat was very difficult. Malachi and Larsania were given the ability to breathe by the mage, Zerek, and swam to the boat we required. I found out later that they were attacked by sharks. Afterward, on the way to the city, Malachi and Larsania made small jokes about the danger they had been in, and the others laughed with them. I failed to see the humor in the fact that one of the seekers of the Rods, that knows so much of them, was almost killed by  a large fish. It seems to me that humans use humor to releive themselves of fear from time to time. I sometimes feel very close to these people, but sometimes I do not understand them at all and are reminded that they are not elves."
 "It was not long before we reached the secret tower that connects the bay to the castle, the same one that malachi used to escape the city, he told me. We entered, and began to make our way through the castle."
 "Kerrick went ahead of us, hiding in the shadows. He caught sight of two dragonmen, ambassadors of the Dark Queen. They discussed a gem that held the power over the Shadows and that the Dark Queen would soon be coming to Portraven! I did not desire to remain in the city for that arrival, not without the Rods."
 "We exited the castle and found our way to the temple, after defeating a Shadowrider and avoiding others. There we found the magical circle hidden in the chambers of the high priest. Zerek scribed them with all haste."
 "Suddenly, we were almost spotted by the Death Knight called Lord Gruth, the one called The Soulless by the elven people. Even after we thought we had avoided him, he attacked the temple, intending to burn it. Prehaps he thought we had a large number of the Rods peiced together and did not want to face their power. I know not."
 "We were beseiged by many numbers of enemies, and Malachi decided to use the Rods, connecting them together by using Zerek's scroll to summon the circle."
 "Although I have heard of it, I have never seen such magic as came from the circle and never felt the energies of raw power as came from Malachi as he entered it's magical area. He spoke the wrod Shalar, and then the names of the two rods we have knowledge of, and the spell was complete. The Rods came together, and with their power Malchi used lightning to send the Shadows back to the abyss whence they came, and then to allow us time to escape the city. If two Rods connected together can be so powerful, I wonder what others will do once found and connected together."
 "Back in Diamond City, Malachi told Queen Lenan of the coming of the Dark Queen and of the connection of the Rods which pleased her greatly."
 "Queen Lenan, on the day following, began to seize the belongings of the House of Hamar across the kingdom, gathering it's silver and other treasures to help in fighting the Dark Queen. Malachi thought this was a grave mistake, and Zerek talked Sir Fallen into releasing members of the House from prision (many of them were arrested after fighting with the town soilders). I am not sure exactly the impact on the human lands due to this action, as I am not used to dealing with gold and silver as currency."
 "Shortly, we will be given our "orders" from malachi, and although I am not part of the military of the human kingdom, he knows much more of this area and I will do as he suggests. It is growing cold and travel will become difficult soon. I will write more in this jornal, prehaps after we find another piece of the Rod."
as written in elvish by Y'Nell, son of Yellondan, Coldwind 2, 200 AG

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