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Assult on Research 3

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Apparently, the location of Research 3, the character's home base, was discovered by the forces of darkness. Japhet (again, apparently) led the Reds to the headquarter using a mystic ability, and tracking Taylor Lindsey with her necklace, a silver cross.
Matthew, disguised as Taylor, talked to Japhet, leaving unsure wether or not to trust her.

The Reds began thier assult with brunt force, rather than skillful planning. Due to the fact that they were unaware of Research 3's sensitive and highly advanaced sensors and even satalite - photo capability, they were unaware that the soilders of heaven were already waiting to ambush them.

Matthew led the Reds for a small chase, but then the Reds were attacked from the parking lot area by Damien, using a sniper rifle, and McCord, using grenades and guns. Caught by surprise, the Reds were mostly killed before they could activate any of thier powers, but Randel, in the confusion, smoke and chaos was able to make a powerful Jump, leaping onto the building top behind Damien. Unaware that his enemy was there until it was too late, Randel grabbed Damien and snapped his neck with brutal efficency. McCord also Leaped to the building top, helping his new ally by using his newly-aquired healing power to keep him from dying.

After the battle was complete, the characters found that only one survivor got away. Still, they knew that they were still in great danger, and must start thinking about moving to another location.

The characters scrambled for a brief time...
Yakamo's sensei called, being in the city and needing badly to talk with him. His master explained that he was being hunted by an ancient clan of assassians due to the fact that he had to kill thier leader long ago. He asked if Yakamo would help protect him, and Yakamo accepted.
Matthew went to speak with Moss, and Taylor went with him. Matthew shared information that the Reds had been mostly killed. Moss gave Matthew a copy of a spell, and told him that a meeting took place not long ago in the city with many demons present, including a major demon, Lilith.
The rest of the characters went to check on jobs, gather personal items, and to check on other information.

In the meantime, McCord had stayed at Research 3 (as it was hidden and the cops had not found it yet) to gather weapons and begin planning the move. It was then that the compound was attacked again by The Fist, a large black man that seemed to be impervious to normal weapons, even though McCord had the Gauntlet. Matthew, using sorcery, soon arrived to aid McCord, and Taylor and Damien were not far behind (it took The Fist several minutes to find and break into the base).

The fight was on, but every time The Fist seemed to fall, he got up again. Finally, the characters went for the eyes and mouth, loading the villian with drugs, bullets, and explosives. The fight pounded into the main entrance and then into the swimming pool room, and finally ended with many wounded and The Fist dead from massive wounds.

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