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Animal Companion Rules

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Animal Companion Rules
"An animal companion is a powerful ally. In fact, a Street Fighter who sufficiently attunes himself to his animal companion can purchase special powers and maneuvers that reflect his animal's abilities (Animal Companion Special Maneuvers will be presented in later Street Fighter supplements). The Storyteller and player should work together to determine statistics and Trait ratings for an Animal Companion."
- Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game, page 57

Well, the game books were discontinued before any Animal Companion rules were presented in later supplements. So here I have decided to add advanced Animal Companion rules.


Animals can be helpful allies in combat, although they are not allowed in tournaments. Some animals can be useful spies or couriers. The higher a character's rating in animal companion, the more exceptional that animal is and the more attuned the character is to his animal.

The character has an animal that is equal to a house pet. The animal is well trained but nothing more. This level gives the character no special powers or abilities. The animal is intelligent (for an animal) and will follow simple commands like "attack" or "heel" or "come here". The animal cannot communicate in any meaningful way with the character. Examples include dogs, cats, a snake (will not follow orders, but will not attack it's owner, has the Venom Power), a monkey, or a horse.

The character has an animal that is unusual in some way. The animal is either very intelligent (still, for an animal), or a very dangerous type of animal that will follow the character's simple commands. Such animals might include a panther, a bear, or a gorilla. Other than the fact that the animal is special in some way, treat the character's connection with it in the same manner as Level One.

The character has an animal in perfect health that may be any type of animal from level one or two. The animal does things that resemble human actions and emotions, and seems very intelligent indeed. The character has one Special Animal Connection Power (see below).

The character has an animal that has +1 to an attribute of his choice. It also has the ability to sense when danger is near, and will growl, beat it's wings, or whatever to alert it's master. The character has two Special Animal Connection Powers (see below).

The character's animal is unique. Perhaps the animal has near-human intelligence, or is magical in some way (a totem animal that turns into a necklace, for example). Perhaps it is the last Silver Panther to exist. Whatever the case, the animal possess three more Attributes than usual. The character can also, for one Chi, make a link with the animal and see what it sees and hear what it hears for one scene. This ability has no limit to range (unless the animal was off the earth or in another dimension - hey, any thing's possible). The character has three Special Animal Connection Powers.


If the character has the option of picking special connection powers due to the level of his Animal Companion Background, he may choose from the following powers. Try to make sure that the power fit the animal: Stunning shout for an eagle or a lion, toughskin for a rhino, etc.
These powers are considered to be the Special Maneuvers of the same name when they are required to learn a new Special Maneuver. However, the character gains them for free (as mentioned above), and does not have requirements to meet and does not have to pay a Power Point cost to gain them.


Buffalo Punch
Fitting animals include Gorilla, bear

Head Butt
Fitting Animals include Bull, Rhino, Deer, Ram


Heel Stamp
Fitting animals include horse, deer


Bear Hug
Fitting animals include bear (of course), or a python snake

Eye Rake
Fitting animals include cats, large cats such as tigers and lions, grizzly bears

Head Bite
Fitting animals include alligator, lion, bear, and many other

Iron Claw
Fitting animals include eagle, crow, gorilla

Ripping Bite
Fitting animals include many types. Bear, cats, dogs

Tearing Bite
Fitting animals include tiger, bear, dog, alligator


Suitable animals include monkey

suitable animals include any bird

Typical animals include cats and dogs


Suitable animals include all kinds of cats

Cobra Charm
Typical animals are snakes. The eyes of the character become slit down the middle, like a snake's, while using this maneuver

Entrancing Cobra
Typical animals are snakes. The eyes of the character become slit down the middle, like a snake's, while using this maneuver

Typical animals include all kinds of birds

Typical animals include squirrel, large quick cats such as a leopard, deer

Typical animals include almost any, but commonly dog

Speed of the Mongoose
Typical animals include deer, dogs, cats, horse

Stunning Shout
Typical animals include eagle, bear, lion

Typical animals are very large. Bear, bison, elephant

Typical animals include spider, scorpion, snake

I am looking for new Animal Connection Power ideas. If you have one and would like to submit it, return to the main page and e-mail it to me with your name. I will give full credit for any ideas I use.

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