Dragonslayer Games

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Game Schedule
When games will happen, what I will be running

Scott's Art Portfolio
Web Site: Sample art from the works of J. Scott Pittman

Star Wars: The Lost Sector
Web Site: Adventure log, new rules and more.

Star Wars: Homespace
Web Site: New Star wars campaign using the Star Wars SAGA system.

PDF Download: The Destiny universal rpg system.

Street Fighter: Dogs of War
Web Site: New rules and ideas

Street Fighter: CHAMPS
PDF Download: Create new Maneuver for the Street Fighter game!

Dark Kingdoms
Web Site: Ongoing campaign using the TRUE 20 rules

The Soaring Blade
My longest running campagin, the characters now almost entirely retired except for a game every few years or so.

In Nominae: Heaven and Hell
Web Site: Campaign Log

Star Trek: Mirage
Web Site: Campaign Idea

Adventure Log
PDF Download: Record your rpg adventures in detail. For players or game masters.